Sunday, December 16, 2007

VideoJug Wants Your Videos

Starting January 1st, 2008, VideoJug, the online video encyclopaedia of life, is running a month-long competition giving video uploaders the chance to win $2000. To enter, uploaders simply submit their videos to VideoJug and the prizes will go to the 3 films with the highest number of views during January 2008.

The winning films will also have to be liked by the VideoJug community – so, even if your film draws the biggest audience, it must also achieve a 3 star rating or above to be eligible for one of the three top prizes:

1st Prize: $2000;
2nd Prize: $1000;
3rd Prize: $500.
So far, VideoJug’s users have already contributed some great videos to the Made by You channel- showing other users how to spin plates, build a stink bomb, or get your dog skateboarding! Whether practical advice, hilarious skits or educational insights – VideoJug welcomes it all!

By submitting films, visitors to the site not only have the chance to get a little richer at the end of January, they will also be contributing to the vast knowledge-base VideoJug has built up. The site now hosts over 34,000 professionally made films offering helpful advice and information on life’s many pleasures and chores. Popular channels include Food & Drink, Sports, Pets, Technology and Beauty, amongst many more.

Being the home of how to, VideoJug is naturally offering a helping hand. They have handy instructions on how to produce and create the perfect ‘How To’ film (although submissions are not limited to this format); a helpful guide to uploading films and hints and tips on how to increase your chances of winning.

For more information about the competition and when to enter, visit: