Sunday, February 10, 2008

Public relations professionals to gain access to growing online community of freelance journalists

Public relations professionals and media editors are to benefit from a fast-growing networking website ( for freelance journalists launched today.

The site is the new home for the Freelance Journalist Directory, produced by the people behind popular media services such as Response Source, SourceWire and FeaturesExec.

The site enables PR professionals to search for freelance journalists who may be working in their sectors and allows editors to search for and contact freelance journalists with a view to commissioning them.

The Freelance Journalist Directory has been enhanced with many social networking features, such as the ability for freelance journalists to add pictures and links to their blogs and other social media profiles.

The number of journalists listed has increased by 30 per cent since the new site was announced to freelance journalists eight weeks ago and more are joining the community each day. A total of over 3,500 freelance journalists have added themselves to the site to date.

Establishing relationships with key freelance journalists can be a highly effective PR tactic. Freelance journalists often specialise in one or two subject areas, so they normally cover the same topics on a regular basis. They are also very good at selling ideas into media outlets and are often quite prolific – particularly in producing online media content, seen as increasingly valuable among the PR industry. Many freelance journalists also write influential blogs in their specialist sectors.

The site is completely free to use for freelance journalists and commissioning editors.