Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 Clever Ways Creative Women Entrepreneurs Can Finally Get Organized

Award-winning success coach Kendall SummerHawk has just released a series of free articles on her web site. The article, 3 Clever Ways Creative Women Entrepreneurs Can Finally Get Organized! is available for immediate download at

What organized people don't understand about creative souls is that the thought of being organized seems to be in conflict with the woman entrepreneur's creative spirit. Accurate or not, creative types feel that if everything is neat and tidy then their creativity will be contained as well.

"Well, I'm about to bust that myth," challenges SummerHawk, "Because I am a both highly creative and organized woman business owner. In fact, it's when my papers, email and office are the most organized that I am the most creative."

Myth buster SummerHawk argues that women entrepreneurs' creative side can actually help them become more organized. The creative woman business owner can customize a system that works for her.

"...remember that being creative actually gives woman small business owners an edge when it comes to being organized because you can create the organizing solution that works for you!"

In this refreshing article, the successful woman entrepreneur shares three creative organizing tips that can help any woman small business owner get organized - and stay organized. Each tip comes with a myth-busting action item that will help the creative types customize their organizational system to match their style.

In upcoming articles, SummerHawk will address additional strategies, as well as tips on smart ways for women entrepreneurs to turn their hectic organizations into smooth-running, fun, six-figure money-making dreams. You will learn:

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