Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Online Community Of Advertising Internship Reviews and Postings

Two advertising executives and two undergraduate business students launched - the first free online community of interns in the advertising and marketing industry, featuring advertising internship reviews, submitted by college students, and advertising internship openings, submitted by employers.

After noticing that students lacked a central resource for advertising internship information, and agencies lacked a central channel to connect with students,'s founders decided to fill this gap with a website that encourages and supports rewarding internship experiences for both students and employers.

Along with internship reviews and openings, features "expert advice" from advertising professionals to help guide students toward their career goals. The founders also maintain a blog with stories from the field and from their experience in advertising. Everything builds on YouIntern's philosophy of "freedom from coffee and copies" that liberates students from the monotony of many of today's internships.

Internships are necessary for students who wish to build a competitive resume, and with services charging thousands of dollars for internship placement, competition and demand is higher than ever. Business Week recently reported that the National Association of Colleges and Employers noted that 62% of new hires have internship experience, and's goal is to ensure that every stakeholder in the internship process has fair and equal access to information.