Sunday, May 25, 2008

Free Service Combats Google's Latest Privacy Policy

Many webmasters hosting Google AdSense on their sites are forced to comply or face consequences once again as Google continues to grind out yet another of their stress inducing compliance tactics.

The most recent crackdown from Google is the requirement for a privacy policy on every site hosting Google AdSense.

Google has gained a reputation for forcing webmasters to scramble every time they implement another one of their "Quality Compliance Rules". This latest rule is aimed at AdSense publishers not hosting a proper Privacy Policy (

This particular rule isn't quite as stressful as some previous Google Slaps have been, but it still has the power to get an AdSense account shut off by not meeting Google's requirements.

There are a number of solutions to writing a Privacy Policy which range from free (for example: bonus from a software vendor like Trust Guard) to hundreds of dollars if an attorney is involved. In this case, requirements are easily met for most sites.

All website owners and AdSense publishers are invited to visit the page below to create a quick and easy, Google compliant, FREE Privacy Policy that can be configured to fit any website including those hosting AdSense.

This auto generated Privacy Policy takes less than 15 minutes. Not only is it a smart move to cover your legal bases, but is now mandatory for all AdSense publishers.

For any AdSense publisher or website owner who wants access to a quick way to generate a FREE legal privacy policy in the next 60 seconds, visit