Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Online Marketplace Puts Creativity in the Hands of the Crowd

crowdSPRING, the online marketplace for creative services, launched its site to the public today. crowdSPRING ( puts the power of crowdsourcing in the hands of individuals and businesses, giving them access to a largely untapped global pool of talent.

The explosion of "user generated content" - from Threadless and iStockPhoto to YouTube and even blogs - is proof positive that people are looking for outlets for their creative talent, whether it's graphic design, photography, video or copywriting. crowdSPRING is empowering this underground, underdog creative community and giving them yet another outlet for their creativity, while giving buyers a new way to purchase creative services on their own terms.

By allowing designers, illustrators, writers and photographers - whether established professional or talented newcomer - to compete based solely on their creativity and the quality of their ideas instead of bids, proposals or portfolios, crowdSPRING levels competitive playing field for creative people worldwide. It also protects the intellectual property of all by offering completely free, customized written legal agreements for every transaction.