Thursday, May 22, 2008

Write Match - A Unique Freelance Market Place for Indian Writers

Chillifreeze launches Write Match, a transparent, seamless and convenient service that provides writers with access to the best writing and editing assignments from around the globe.

Complete transparency in the bidding process and direct communication with the client ensures the elimination of middlemen. Write Match handles the financial aspect thereby allowing writers to focus on their writing, rather than the logistics.

Clients will be able to outsource content development to freelance writers at lower costs without the high commissions normally charged by agencies and intermediaries. This service allows clients to fix the price for their projects and communicate directly with writers on their projects, thereby offering a higher degree of control on the process and deliverables. Clients can post their project in one step using a simple form on Chillifreeze.

Chillifreeze's parent company Chillibreeze with a client base and writer network already running into thousands plans to use the Write Match service to tap into a wider audience and service clientele from industries and domains beyond its core areas. Write Match is perfect for writers because it does not charge writers for connections or bids, unlike some other freelance marketplaces.