Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Writing Career Is More Lucrative Than You Think by Tony Jacowski

However, if you have a zest for writing and want to make it your vocation in life, here is some very useful information that introduces you to the various options.

Contrary to what people think, a career in writing can be very exciting, intellectually satisfying and financially rewarding.

Opportunities in Journalism

Writing expertise can help you become a journalist in print media. You can write articles and news for magazines, newspapers, sports and trade magazines. To be a successful journalist you have to be good at research, whether it is politics, crime or any other subject. You will have to conduct interviews of prominent personalities in various fields and also present the views of the public to make your reporting interesting, informative and aimed at presenting an unbiased picture based on facts.

As a journalist, you are expected to be armed with specialized education and training. To become a journalist you need to be a graduate or have a post graduate degree in mass communications or journalism and then try for an entry-level position with a good local or national newspaper. It is a good idea to take an internship as a trainee writer/journalist with a publisher to gain practical exposure and polish your professional writing skills.

Openings for Writers in Ad Agencies

Another field with career potential is that of copywriting. This is a different field from journalism and involves using creative skills to prepare marketing and promotional material for television, radio, newspapers and magazines. There are increasing opportunities for employment within various advertising agencies that require good copywriters with writing and visualization skills and for those who develop and sell their ideas.

If you find advertising interesting and have a sense of humor that reflects positively in your work, you have the necessary makings of a great copywriter.


Are you able to dream big? Do you often let your imagination fly? Do you have knack for weaving your dreams into stories? If you do, then scriptwriting may be a good career choice. With your writing skills you can develop a framework for a good story and turn it into a screenplay. You need to be a keen observer of whatever goes on around you in life because it is from real life events that great ideas for scripts originate.

There are numerous opportunities for scriptwriters in films, television, announcements, sports, theater and radio news. Employment opportunities exist in television and radio channels and the film industry. If you have a good script that is made into a film, there is no limit to the money that you can make.

To make writing your career, you should have a good work ethic, writing and typing skills and imagination. If you have all these things, then with a bit of experience and a lot of luck, you can make writing your life's work.

About the Author:
Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for six sigma professionals such as, lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.