Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are Online Marketers Overlooking The Gold In Offline Businesses?

Most internet marketers focus heavily on the most common ways to make money and sales online like pay per click advertising, search engine optimization and the selling of products like ebooks that can be downloaded digitally.

But according to the author of a new groundbreaking report Offline Gold For The Online Marketer the most lucrative field for online marketers could be selling internet marketing services to local businesses.

Andrew Cavanagh was an offline business owner for over a decade before entering the online business world as a writer, copywriter and marketer.

Over the years he discovered that small business owners are desperate for any kind of marketing information and especially information on how to market their businesses online.

Many businesses have been "stung" paying thousands of dollars for websites that never really sell anything and they're thrilled when someone with some internet marketing knowledge offers to help them increase their sales and improve their customer service and follow up with online solutions.

The real key, Andrew Cavanagh says, is to create a "direct response" website. A site designed to turn prospects into real buyers for an offline business and turn existing clients into repeat buyers.

If you can do that, and most internet marketers already have the skills required, then you can charge business owners in your local area $1,500 to $5,000 or more to help them.

Best of all this kind of consulting doesn't cost anything to start. You can literally walk into businesses in your local area today and walk out with checks in your pocket for helping the owners with their online marketing.

For a step by step system on how to sell your internet marketing services to businesses in your local area read the full report Offline Gold For The Online Marketer at