Sunday, June 29, 2008

Avoid These Home Business Scams

Everybody wants to work from home.We are all aware of the benefits of working from home. Work at your leisure, do what you enjoy and earn money in the bargain. Who would not like this luxury. But with the mad rush for people to work from home, scamsters seem to be making a quick buck and many people have fallen prey to them. The following are a few scams one needs to be careful about before engaging in work at home opportunities.

"Envelope Stuffing Scams"

This is possibly the most infamous. You are required to stuff envelopes which the company sends you after you have paid a fee with a promise that you will be paid for every envelope you stuff. The problem is you never get paid and you lose the money you have invested in buying the envelopes.

"Data Entry Scams"

You see many advertisements promising you instant wealth just typing from home. But what do most of them turn out to be? Well, typing Google adwords as prescribed by the company, pay for the keywords that are suggested by them and simply advertise for " Data Entry " jobs which leads the customer to their site. In other words all you are doing typing Google Adwords using your money for advertising their site and getting a small commission in the bargain. More often than not you end up burning a hole in your pocket with Google Adwords as we all know it does not come cheap. You could do this on your own with a Clickbank and Google Adwords account and don't need to pay money to do it.

"Call 1-900 Scam"

You would have to call a 1-900 number to get more details on a home business opportunity or a work from home job. These numbers are not toll free. So you pay for the call and end up getting information which is of no use to you.

"Sending E-mail Scam"

You are promised income by just sending e-mails. For this you have to pay the company for the necessary instructions. In return you get a list of e-mail id's to which you have to send e-mails. Here is the catch. You will probably end up spamming people and get penalized in the bargain.

These are just a few scams. There are probably many more on the net. One needs to be careful before spending one's hard earned money. A simple search on Google for Home business scams can give you more information about the scams doing rounds on the net.

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