Sunday, July 6, 2008 Transforms Blogs Into Mainstream Media has introduced an entirely new information network that connects people with the most interesting, up-to-the-minute stories in the blogosphere, as well as the bloggers behind the trends.

The company, which was originally launched in February as a blog directory to help readers find better blogs by topic and popularity, has now created a news portal for "the rest of us." It amplifies voices across the blogosphere by hand-picking the most compelling stories and organizing them by relevant categories, such as technology, business, entertainment, sports, politics, etc. The team actively monitors trends, news, and interesting information, then updates the stories as they happen.

Not only is a unique and valuable destination to find interesting content, but it also provides a full directory of blogs that covers almost every topic imaginable, each rated, reviewed, and ranked by the people who read them as well as by the company's internal editorial department. Through a strategic alliance with MatchMine, readers can also discover new blogs by automatically matching and recommending related sites based on the blogs that they browse.