Sunday, August 10, 2008

79 Percent of Professionals Are Looking For a Job Closer to Home Due to High Gas Prices, Inc. polled members across its network of more than 15,000 sites to discover how professionals are compensating for rising gas prices. The poll received a record number of responses, with more than 20,000 professionals weighing in to voice their thoughts on the poll question:

"What alternatives are you considering as a result of high gas prices affecting your commute to work?"

79 percent - Find a job closer to home
13 percent - Telecommuting from home
6 percent - Public transportation or walking
2 percent - Carpooling with colleagues

High gas prices have caused many professionals to consider taking drastic measures to save money on their commute, even if it means leaving their current job. A past poll conducted by discovered that 27 percent of professionals travel 25 miles or more to work. However, if gas prices continue to rise, the number of workers commuting long distances could decrease significantly as many workers make the decision to find a job closer to home.

When searching for a job with a shorter commute, niche job sites such as will become increasingly valuable to job seekers by offering the ability to connect with local employers within a reasonable commute to their home. However, professionals who are not in a position to leave their current job should consider sharing rides or taking public transportation when possible to reduce monthly gas expenses.

"In a time of economic uncertainty, it is surprising to see how many professionals are considering making a career move due to high gas prices." says Rich Milgram, CEO of, Inc. "Given the number of workers looking for a job closer to home, employers need to be aware of these concerns and should find ways to help their employees by offering alternatives such as telecommuting or a shorter work week to retain valuable resources and reduce high-turnover."