Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Can You Do To Make Money Today?

One aspect of making money online that often gets overlooked is providing a service for the millions of website and blog owners. Let's look at this closer.

Most website and blog owners do not have the knowledge, time, or money to do everything it takes to run an online business these days. This can be good news for you.

You can make money by providing a service that solves a problem for all of these webmasters. If you are smart you will get a pen and piece and paper and start writing after you finish reading this.

What do you know how to do that you could do for someone. One Internet marketer started an article writing company a couple of years ago for his son. They ended up developing it into a full time income.

Another service broke off from that. The service is writing and submitting articles because they had so many requests to market the articles they were writing for their customers.

The same marketer helped a friend start a business building blogs for people because blogging is so important today and many people do not know how to set up their own.

They started writing blog articles as well because of the number of blogs there are online today. They are just written little shorter than regular articles so people can paste them in their blogs.

Other people make money online providing these type of service as well...

- website customization

- search engine optimization

- managing pay per click campaigns

- creating software

- publishing newsletters for people

- posting comments in blogs

- website building

- providing customer service via phone and email

- posting in forums

- ghostwriting

- set up autoresponder email campaigns

- create videos for blog owners

- customize private label right products

- do telemarketing for mlm business owners

- create graphics and sell them

This is just a few ideas.. You may think of others.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if there is a need for a service on the Internet there are people willing to pay you to do it for them.

The quickest way to make your service known online is to set up a sales page describing your service.

Then add a PayPal button for ordering.

Finally join several Internet marketing forums and set up a signature file letting people know what you offer. Include a link back to your sales page.

As your business grows start a testimonial page and ask for referrals from your satisfied customers.

You will probably never get rich providing a service, but you can make a very good living over time, and you get to stay at home which beats going to work everyday for someone else.

(C) Writing Career