Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Blog Helps PR Students and Recent Grads Get Career-Ready

As college students head back to campus this fall, many of those majoring in public relations or communications already have begun taking advantage of a new career-focused resource: This new blog, launched this summer, recently saw its ranking on blog tracker Technorati jump more than one million spots in less than a month as aspiring PR professionals logged on for answers to their questions about starting their careers.

Culpwrit provides PR students and young professionals with career advice and industry insights that go beyond most textbook and classroom settings - and that are available around the clock. Ron Culp, managing director and partner at Ketchum ( and a 35-year PR industry veteran, launched the blog to provide information that he hopes will enhance the professional development of millennials. He shares his experiences, features posts from other industry leaders, and personally answers questions from readers.

"Whenever I meet young people in school settings or at conferences, they ask me the standard questions about my personal career path," said Culp. "Then when I interview young people - either for a job or informational purposes - there are always questions I wished they had asked but suspect they were afraid to. My hope is that Culpwrit will be a key resource for the things young people really want and need to know."

As more and more millennials turn to blogs for information and advice, Culpwrit responds by providing quick and direct feedback. Students and young professionals post questions that range from "Corporate or agency... or nonprofit?" to "How long should I stay in my first job before switching to another firm?" No matter what the question, industry veterans weigh in with answers, creating a forum-like discussion.

Guest bloggers have included Bob Kornecki, a seasoned PR agency professional and author of How to Thrive in the Public Relations Business; Kim Hunter, head of the LaGrant Foundation, which seeks to attract more minorities to PR; and LTC Paul Swiergosz, a public affairs officer in the U.S. Army. Young professionals who are new to the field also share their experiences in a regular feature called "Day in the Life."

"Young people today are accustomed to getting information fast and at their fingertips, and many of us who have worked in public relations for a long time are eager to share our knowledge," Culp said. "Blogging is a great way for us to come together."