Sunday, November 23, 2008

Achieve Your Goals with Creative Visualization

Setting and achieving goals is one of the central keys to personal and professional success. Putting your goals down as a concrete statement of what you want and linking the achievement of those goals to a specific timeline, is essential to actually getting what you want. Other techniques like sharing the goals with others to enhance accountability and reading the goal aloud are a couple of ways to reinforce goal achievement. However, a far higher degree of success with goal achievement is assured when "creative visualization" is applied to both goal setting and implementation.

There are numerous definitions for creative visualization but our emphasis here is on using it as a tool to link your goals and the power of your imagination. By using creative visualization to formalize what we are doing subconsciously most of the time, we are generating a powerful tool to support our vision of our success.

When we set a goal and capture it in writing, we have a word picture of what an outcome will be when our efforts are finished and completed. If we use those words to create a mental image in our mind, we now can "see" within our brain what things look like when that goal has already been achieved. Creative visualization is simply seeing things, your work, your relationships, even yourself, the way you want them to be when your outcomes have been achieved.

By using this amazing tool, we can harness our emotions, our concentration, and our focus so we can point them at a brilliant, vivid mental picture to achieve what we have visualized. As we keep replaying these images in our mind, almost like a movie, we are using the art of creative visualization to move our actions in the direction of these powerful, positive thoughts.

Day after day those acts and steps move us closer to the image of the completed outcome for our goals that we hold in our minds eye. When we do this, we stop allowing our unconscious or subconscious to take our thoughts and actions in the wrong direction. We are continuously and consciously using our thoughts as a powerful tool to achieve the things we truly want.

There are several resources covering the practice and implementation of creative visualization. Recently a book shot to the top of the bestsellers list by promoting, among other practices, visualization as part of "the secret" to life's law of attraction. We suggest you do some online or library research to identify authors and other resources that can help you link creative visualization to the achievement of all of your goals.