Friday, December 5, 2008

The New Rules of Business Blogs in a Free E-Book

In changing times business blogs have changed from "diaries" to a powerful marketing tool. But to use business blog as an effective marketing tool, your must know what rules have changed in web 2.0 as well. Marketing expert Linas Simonis in his e-book "The New Rules of Business Blogs" writes exactly about the changes of business blogging rules in web 2.0.

"Internet rules which have worked in the pre-internet era must be enriched or even replaced with the new rules from the internet era. In the nearest future lots of old businesses will be marketed only by the new medium " the internet, and it will be mandatory to them to adapt to the new rules and if you know the new rules of business blogs, you can use it as a powerful marketing tool, " " says the e-book author Linas Simonis.

Helpful business blogs can provide for readers answers to many business problems, more important, for companies " the blog can be an effective marketing tool helping to differentiate from competitors or even to cut on advertising.

"Today if you want to be heard, you must follow the new rules. Because business blog is a personal blog of a person who represents all business, when writing a business blog don't forget that it is about long-term impact to your readers," " advises Linas Simonis.

The e-book "The New Rules of Business blogs" was written using Linas' experience of managing his own business blogs. By reading this free e-book, business owners, CEO's and other high-ranking executives will find out the differences between a Corporate blog and a Business blog and why managers must have one. And the most important " you will find the New Rules of business blogs.

Linas Simonis is a consultant and keynote speaker of Marketing Strategy in web 2.0 age. He is a member of the Business Week social media experts group. His blog is on the top of 150 Social Marketing Blogs on the Web.