Friday, February 6, 2009

Freelance Writer Wants Facebookers to Go Beyond the Short Text and Expound Upon Their Creativity

Texting has evolved into one of the most popular sources of entertainment for kids and adults. Last week, Facebook launched an application to capitalize on this movement. Chat ToText is designed for Facebookers to recruit and chat with friends through text messaging while earning income for their efforts. A commission of $2.00 is paid for each friend sponsored on the first level, as well as an additional 25 cents for each "friend of a friend," up to the eighth level.

Award-winning writer, Fran Briggs is challenging Facebookers who are either using, or considering using the social network's MLM application. She is utilizing her "Be a Paid Writer" e-course as a platform. Briggs wants Facebookers to go beyond the short text and expound upon their creativity and earning ability. Her aim is to show that taking the time to write beyond the typical text is not only equally entertaining, but much more lucrative than Facebook's Chat to Text MLM application.

"My program shows how new and increased value can be created when using a keyboard," stated Briggs. "But the 'Be a Paid Writer e-course' doesn’t just give individuals the opportunity to earn much more money than Facebook's MLM application; it also can help launch an enjoyable and lucrative writing career. Many of my students are now successful columnists, journalists, sports writers, marketers, freelance writers, technical writers, and authors, including five-time author, Demetra Reid."

"The beauty of being a paid writer is that you can work as little as 8 hours a week," she explained. "I teach how to sell articles, manuscripts, white papers, and books for $250.00 - $3,000 each, or even more. The money you earn when you become an established writer greatly exceeds the commission Facebook is offering people to text and chat. And, it requires about the same amount of time. As a direct result of my writing, I've gained international distribution, publishing agreements, and a generous income. I am contacted by independent editors, journalists, publishers, and entrepreneurs who want to pay me for my services on a daily basis."

Fran Briggs' "Be a Paid Writer" e-course is designed for writing enthusiasts from all levels. To participate in the challenge, individuals must visit the writer's website. Specific details about how participation can earn a writer thousands of dollars each week, can be found on the Web at:

Fran Briggs is an accomplished author, award-winning writer, and publicist whose experience as a writer spans across the print and online worlds. Her work has appeared in the libraries of American universities and numerous international publications including: House & Garden, Entrepreneur Magazine, Penny Stock Magazine, Black Enterprise, Self, Boxing Scene, as well as many others. She is the editor-in-chief of Your Seeds for Success.