Sunday, March 1, 2009

As Economy Deteriorates, Journalists Apply Their Skill at Home-Based Data Entry Jobs - the business that helps match data entry specialists with data entry work - has seen an increase in journalists signing up for their service as conditions worsen in their industry and the broader economy. Q1 2009 projections call for at least 1,000 journalists to try their skill at home-based data entry jobs.

According to Data Entry Company's statistics running over the last 14 days, they have seen a year-over-year increase of 343% in journalists joining their service. Explaining the possible reasoning behind the sharp increase, Vipul Gupta of commented:

"The media landscape is going through a tectonic shift as online disrupts print and TV. The overall media engagement might be the same size or bigger, but power changes hands and monetization is generally weaker - much weaker. Online media also relies less on journalism and more on algorithms, leading to less demand for journalists."

The increase follows news that bankers are leaving the trading desk and booting up their home PCs to start work in the data entry field as well. Professionals working from home now commonly complete data entry tasks and the wages can often be more favorable too, reports Data Entry Company:

"Bankers and journalists tend to earn more with Data Entry Company than the average. There is a high degree of flexibility in how much work you could choose to do in the data entry space. Most people can live comfortably on the income they can generate from working a few hours a day, and a large percentage choose to work less hours rather than earning more money.

"While good keyboard skills aren't necessary to do well, they will help you to earn even more money. Journalists are used to bashing a keyboard and are maybe more disciplined than others who aren't used to writing full-time. This has to be one of the reasons their performance has been solid. We've seen a good number of journalists taking home over $2,000 a month."

Making money online with data entry work does not require any prior knowledge of the industry, as this is included within the cost of Data Entry Company's service. This is considered to be another "key driver" along with journalists' natural experience in front of a keyboard, according to Data Entry Company's CEO.

The company expects to see the numbers continue to rise, as consumer sentiment remains bearish on the overall direction of the economy. The company attributes an increase in demand for data entry services to a growing need for companies to outsource as they reduce staffing numbers and to the continued growth in search advertising as well, as advertisers use their data entry professionals to type their text ads.