Sunday, April 5, 2009

OnWired Launches for Job-Seeking Web Professionals

Earlier this year, OnWired, a Cary-based web design firm, needed to hire a project manager. OnWired owner Tony Chester visited many of the popular sites featuring job listings for creative web professionals, assuming they would help him connect with some qualified applicants. What he found surprised him: those sites catered almost entirely to designers and developers, but apparently not to those job seekers with more specialized skills.

As a result, Chester decided to build a job site that would cater to a wider audience of job-seeking web professionals: project managers, copywriters, SEO experts, usability folk, social media gurus, and yes, even designers and developers. His team quickly went to work, crafting a unique design and building the application using Drupal, an open-source content management system. was launched.

"With so many people searching for employment right now, it shouldn't be so difficult to find talented job applicants," Chester said. "Call us good samaritans if you'd like. Somebody had to create a place for project managers and copywriters to find their next gig. Who better than us?"

Since the launch, Chester's team has been busy helping to get a little exposure in the industry. The site is already featured on,, and marketing guru Guy Kawasaki's