Monday, June 29, 2009

"Help An Entrepreneur Out" Turns Unemployed into Self-Employed

With the downturn in the economy many people, especially Gen Y, have experienced the tumultuous job markets first hand. Many of these individuals have thus pursued their own dreams and started businesses, even though they don't have all the knowledge to succeed. Help An Entrepreneur Out is here to get these upstart business owners answers to their everyday business questions allowing their businesses to reach full potential.

College graduates are entering the worst job markets we've seen in decades. According to the United States Department of Labor 5.7 Million Jobs have been lost since December 2007 with another 2.5million loses projected in 2009 alone. While these numbers are bleak many young professionals realize the opportunity to start their own business but lack the necessary knowledge.

Young entrepreneurs Jared O'Toole and Matt Wilson have taken on this challenge, turning the unemployed into the self-employed with . Help An Entrepreneur Out or HAEO aims to make the daunting, risky and sometimes down right scary idea of starting your own business easier by getting you the answers you need to succeed. Questions from "How do I form an LLC?" or "Where to look for viral marketing ideas," get answered by the subscriber base of helpful business people via email or Twitter.

Help An Entrepreneur Out (HAEO) was created after O'Toole and Wilson realized how difficult it was to succeed as young and frankly inexperienced entrepreneurs. "We had so many ideas and aspirations but how do we turn these into businesses? We didn't even know what web host to use!" said O'Toole.

Asking a question is as simple as raising your hand in class. Simply fill out the form on . Anyone from the subscriber base is encouraged to show-off their expertise and knowledge answering the questions. The only way to become a recognized expert in a field is to get out there and showcase what you know as often as possible!

"Everyone knows it's entrepreneurship that is going to lead us out of the recession. Getting entrepreneurs the help they need is the first step in the process," concludes Wilson.