Monday, June 22, 2009

New Web Site Shows You How To Make A Career Transition From Someone Who Has Done It

A new Web site is providing all free information on how to make a career transition from someone who has succeeded at the task. Mary Lee Gannon went from being a stay-at-home mother of four children living a country club life to the reality of a difficult marriage, divorce, and poverty. Her career advice at contains strategies, tips sheets, links and resources regarding her personal turn-around that took her from an earning capacity of $27,000 to the executive level as president and CEO of a hospital foundation. A speaker on starting over, productivity and turn-arounds, Mary Lee lives in Pittsburgh, PA -- a city that also had to re-invent itself after the collapse of the American steel era.

"At this point in my career I feel a need to give back," said Mary Lee who presents often without a fee on productivity and personal turn-arounds to community, business and employment development organizations. "I am very blessed to have achieved the success that I have but I know that it came as no accident. I want to help others meet their dreams by using the shortcuts that I used to work smart, build networks, acquire new skills and develop transferable skills.”

Unemployment rates are higher than they have been in decades and many people are suffering because they don't know how to find work or where to begin. Whether you are an empty nester who is re-entering the workforce, an entrepreneur who is looking for a way to network, someone who has been recently laid-off, a person seeking their first job, starting a business, going through a divorce, looking for career opportunities, seeking career advice and education, or simply someone who is setting new life goals the free worksheets, articles and advice at will help you get to a destination faster while also balancing other life priorities, family and relationships.

In this easy-to-read and informative format, specific critical suggestions and tactics are laid out for those who have met despair and need to create a new life, including:

Links for government jobs, wage estimates, starting over after a divorce, self improvement, resume advice, and business plans

Worksheets for creating a "Life Balance Chart and Goals"

Articles and Tip Sheets on the topics of: 10 Interview Questions for You to Ask That Scream, "I Get the Big Picture!," Are You Leading Your Life or an Actor in Your Own Drama?, Be the Standout Candidate in the New Economy, Begin With Your "Success Sketch" and Hang it Where You Will See It Everyday, Best Careers of 2009 and Free Tuition, Change - Here's How!, Does Your Resume Look Weathered?, Don't Put an Age Limit on Your Dreams, Eight Steps To Connect With Someone New - More Than Networking, Expand Your Job Search - Use Job Search Engines, Find Your Next Job Via Social Networking Sites, Four Tips for College Graduates, Freelance During Your Meanwhile Time, Goals - What They Did for Me, How to Find a Mentor - You Need One, How to Make a Career Change in a Failing Economy, How to Remember People's Names, Ideas to Start Your Own Business During Your "Meanwhile" Time, I've Made a Mistake - What Now?, It's Not Who You Know, It's Who Know You - How to Network, Know Which Glass is Yours and Take a Friend to Lunch, Millionaire Women Look Ahead, Recession Resistant Careers, Tell a Story on the Interview and Capture the Happy Ending, The Marketing, Advertising and Publicity Puzzle, Transferable Skills – Three Easy Steps to Changing Fields and many more.

Links to social networking sites where Mary Lee posts daily career tips.
Mary Lee's Blog, free e-Book "Make Your Wheel of Fortune Spin on Balance," and the ability to sign up for her free e-Newsletter "Starting Over Now.”

Some of the organizations for which Mary Lee has presented include: Dress for Success, New Choices/New Options Career Development Service, Workquest, One Vision One Life, Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network, Urban League of Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel Adult Education, Pennsylvania Employment and Training Center.

About the Author:
Mary Lee Gannon went from being a stay-at-home mother with four children under seven-years-old and a successful husband living a country club lifestyle to the reality of becoming divorced, homeless, carless and on welfare. She is a guest speaker for women's organizations, business organizations and other non-profit groups nationwide. Her Web site is which features blogs, worksheets and articles. Her book, "Starting Over” will be released by New Horizon Press in November of 2009. Mary Lee lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.