Monday, July 6, 2009

Free CD Helps Mac Owners Survive In Troubled Economy

Millard Grubb and Backyard Gazette Publishing have released a new audio CD for Mac owners that will help make their lives a little brighter. 7 Secrets Of Making Cash With Your Mac looks at using a Macintosh specifically to grow an information business right from your home.

"Being able to work from home on simple projects to make extra income using a Mac has always been my goal," says Grubb. "The easiest thing to do with a Mac is take what's in your head and create something," continues Grubb.

It's often been said that everyone has a book inside them. Grubb maintains that with a Mac, it's not only books, but CDs, DVDs, audio files, and Quicktime movies.

"Everyone knows something that they do well. It might be making the best cornbread, it might be detailing a car, it might be writing folk songs. What ever it is, the Mac helps you to create from your experience, and hopefully gain some cash from the deal."

This FREE CD explains how any Macintosh owner with simple software like iLife can create an income stream. The new CD covers everything from product creation, easy projects, offline projects, online projects, publicity, and marketing.

Website: 7 Secrets Of Making Cash With Your Mac