Monday, August 17, 2009

New York-Based Technology Entrepreneur Plans to "Digitize His Life"

New York City-based technology entrepreneur Mark Davis plans to completely digitize his life by the end of 2009.

The daunting task will include digitizing more than 20,000 family photographs spanning 150 years; 2,000 slides from the fifties and sixties; 50 videotapes of home movies; a hundred years of family archival documents; 3 boxes of vinyl LP's; about 50 mix tapes; 10 boxes of financial records and business documents; and all of his family's financial records.

Davis will convert all of this content into digital format, which he will then store on his iPhone 3GS for easy and instant storage and retrieval. If successful, Davis will shrink a "closet full" of paper and plastic into his pocket. This has profound implications in terms of the management of personal data, and Davis will share what he learns on his video blog and Twitter feed.

Davis is a respected technology and media entrepreneur based in New York City. He is CEO and founder of digital services provider Digitize My Life, Inc, which helps consumers transfer their old photo albums and videos into their computers, easily and affordably.

"Most families don't have time to consolidate and preserve their assets in a digital format," said Davis. "Photos, film reels, slides and videotapes are assets just like money, but their value is priceless, when considering their sentimental significance. Videotapes, for example, start to degrade after about 15 years. If these memories are not converted into a digital format, they can be lost forever. Our mission is to help people digitize those assets for safe keeping and enjoyment."

"We feel strongly that digitizing one's life provides a real sense of peace of mind, so I have embarked on a personal journey to completely digitize mine", emphasizes Davis. "I'll share everything I learn through the video blog and on Twitter, which I hope will be helpful to other people who may want to do the same."

You can follow Mark's story on his video blog and on Twitter.