Monday, September 21, 2009

Freelancing Advice For Student Freelancers by Gino Hitshopi

Most students studying in University will undoubtedly experience money troubles, debts and lack of time to find even part-time work! Even those with part-time work will be employed in a bar, pub, restaurant or retail shop. Most will not be working at a place that is related to their degree course and most will not be benefiting from working here other than to earn a bit of quick cash. As times are changing, competition is rising for students after they graduate which is why it is important for them to begin researching and preparing for their career after they leave.

Some students opt for the freelancers work, as in they will independently or via an agent, approach various companies offering their services at a cheap price. Due to the current economic climate in the UK most companies have had to make cutbacks and most of these cutbacks begin with the staff! Some businesses that have been struggling financially, with one of the very things that they cannot afford to maintain are staff salaries.

A fully qualified professional with plenty of experience may demand a much higher salary for work that could be completed by student freelancers, with the same or as much skills as the professional. Of course there is the issue of experience, however when hiring a student they are able to not only give the employer their time and dedication. This is due to their motivation to use the work they complete with the employer as part of their coursework or end of year project that may count towards their overall mark.

For students it is not just an opportunity to earn some good money, but also to make new contacts with reputable companies. These companies will also have the advantage of gaining work from students who usually brimming with new ideas and who are also in first-hand contact with current events. For example, student journalists could work as freelancers and cover current stories on entertainment events or educational information.

The price that students charge will often be a lot lower than what a professional freelancer would charge, as the students primary objective is to gain as much experience as they can. Furthermore, students may even open up an opportunity for future employment with the company that they work for which is why most will approach the larger more reputable companies.

As students the best way to approach companies is to contact them directly or have a recruitment agency to approach them for you. Some agencies are specially set up for students who are struggling financially whilst studying and lacking the time to work elsewhere. A lot of students are also more interested in working within their chosen career path or within a sector related to their degree course, which is why approaching these agencies will benefit in them reaching their overall goal.

For businesses this is a good opportunity to gain new information from potential staff and also increase brand exposure in a different market. If more students become familiar with the company brand, the more chances they will gain in being introduced to potential clients.

Gino Hitshopi is an expert on finding freenlancers jobs for students having worked as a freelance writer in the past when studying at university. For more information on student freelance jobs visit