Monday, November 2, 2009

2ble Media Launches Blog On Freelancing is the latest creation of the well established marketing company 2ble Media. On the new resource blog visitors are now able to find a large amount of resources from the freelance sector, regardless of their job orientation. is meant to become the main source for comprehensive information, advice, and tools for everyone wanting to earn online through freelance jobs. How 2 Freelance is owned and operated by Amod, a well respected and professional freelancer who has a more than impressive track record. His article on freelancing marketplaces was featured on

The information presented on is the result of an extensive and comprehensive research process that was carried out with one objective. And that is to be more precise, presenting information, tips, scam alerts, news and relevant resources on freelancing to the large number of freelancers out there trying to get a grip on the freelance process and learn everything it takes to earn online. Since the creator of is aware of the difficulties encountered by all those trying to get their first freelance job, the blog is presenting a large volume of resource and information meant to help those interested in freelance jobs to take their first steps towards their goal to earn online.

Here is an example of the tips found on that are proven to be very useful to anyone in their incipient stages of freelancing. The first important aspect to anyone interested in becoming an online freelance professional is his work profile. If you are lacking ideas, it is a smart move to check out the competition’s profiles. Don’t just look at couple of them. Instead, in order to draft up an appealing work profile, review a few dozen. Find profiles that match the direction of your work. So, for example, if you are interested in ghost writing look up some professional writers’ profiles, and learn from them. Try to capture the best style of presenting the service, and then incorporate those ideas and ways of presenting the service in your own profile.

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