Monday, December 21, 2009

Freelancing Your Way to Reputation and Income by Suneel Mohan

Many new internet marketers start their businesses with little to no cash flow. After a few weeks or months of working on their new websites, they realize that the money may not just come rolling in as quickly as they had hoped. At this point, many people begin to assess what other skills they have that could be marketable to other internet marketers. This way, they can make a little income while they are waiting for their websites to take off.

Freelancing is one way to make money using your skills while you are waiting to make money on your websites. Here are some tips to remember when you are freelancing:

1. Let other marketers know about your skills. Many fellow colleagues would be glad to hire you if you provide good quality work at an affordable price. You may have to start off offering your services for a lower rate, but it will pay off when you start getting paid and build a reputation.

2. Decide what your skills really are. Do not try to be everything to everyone. In other words, do not offer writing, site building, link building and every other service imaginable unless you are very well versed at those skills and can keep up with the workload.

3. Decide how your payment system will work: Make sure that you at least charge a portion of your fees up front. If you don't, someone could hire you and have you working for hours and then never pay you. You would still have the articles, but would have wasted a lot of your precious time.

4. As for testimonials! People like to read about other people's experience working with you. Ask your customers to provide a testimonial.

5. Use sites like Odesk and Elance to offer your services to other buyers. This will get you even more work.

Freelancing can be a lucrative way to make some extra cash while you are waiting for your internet millions to arrive!

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