Monday, December 7, 2009

New Guide Shows Artists How To Create Their Own Websites

Any artist not on the internet today is missing out on the best promotional tool around. Art collectors, galleries, friends and family -- all expect to find artists’ work displayed on their own personal websites. The problem? Building a full-featured website can to be expensive, time consuming and technically intimidating.

But now there is an easier way. Quick Art Sites, a new instructional video, shows artists an easy, step-by-step path to creating a professional website with image galleries where they can display and sell their work.

Created by artist Sonya Myers, Quick Art Sites shows exactly how to use free and low cost solutions to quickly put together a web site any artist would be proud to show clients.

Sites created by following the CD allow the artist to quickly upload photos of their work, and with just one click, turn those photos into an art gallery. The addition of a shopping cart allows visitors to purchase art directly from the artist.

By watching, artists learn how to: · Register their own website domain name · Set up website hosting for as little as $6.95 a month · Install free software to build the website with just one click · Set up a home page, bio, contact page, image galleries, and blog · Install shopping cart linked to image gallery for online art sales · Customize the entire site using free plug-ins and simple graphics · Put the entire site on autopilot, so the artist can spend time creating art, not worrying about a website

With Quick Art Sites, artists no longer have an excuse for not having a website. Now they'll be able to create their own sites and update them quickly and easily -- at an extremely affordable price.

Learn more about the Quick Art Sites training CD and find links to sample artist sites at