Monday, January 4, 2010

Is it Time to Quit the Day Job? by Sharon Hurley Hall

For a lot of us, freelance writing starts out as something we do in our spare time. We write after doing a full day's work, on evenings, weekends and holidays. We write because we must, because we feel an inner compulsion to see whether the thing we've always loved can help us to earn a living. We rejoice over our first commissions and our first earnings, and watch in wonder as they grow. Then we face a decision. Is it time to quit the day job?

Pros And Cons Of Freelancing

That's a tough question, especially if you're earning a good salary or happen to be the main breadwinner in your family. The pros of becoming a full time freelance writer are that you will be earning a living while doing something that you love. What could be more fulfilling than that? The cons are that you might not get enough work and could end up broke. It's not easy to face the fact that your financial responsibilities might be too much for a freelancer.

Taking The Plunge As A Freelance Writer

So how do you make the decision? What makes you decide to take the plunge? Some of the reasons that might prompt you to take the plunge include:

having another income coming into the house
wanting to know if you can freelance successfully
the need to write
There is little point in having a dream if you don't try at least once to make it happen. Once you have made the decision you need to:

write every day, even if it isn't bringing in money.
sign up with jobs sites
apply for jobs
network with other writers
make the contacts that will eventually lead to a regular writing income.

Quitting Checklist

Only you will know when the time is right for you. If you have:

a burning desire to write for a living
the commitment to cope with constant deadlines
the fortitude to manage fluctuating income
good feedback from your current writing clients
more demand for your services than you can manage part time
then maybe it's the right time for you to give up the day job.

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