Sunday, March 28, 2010

Website Designer Giving Away Money Making Websites

Web designer Jason Guy is giving away money making websites for visitors to his website.

Guy says that many people are interested in owning a money making website, but they lack the programming and design skills to make one themselves, or don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to purchase one.

"I look at the service as a starting-off point for a lot of people that would like to own a website but just aren't sure how to go about it," said Guy. "I can take care of the design work and the database programming and deliver a complete site within a few days. From that point, the site's owner can concentrate on promoting and monetizing the site."

The three basic designs being offered have one thing in common: they are designed so that the visitor will want to visit the site again and even tell their friends about it.

The first type of site allows people to enter a zip code, and receive a list of local gas stations and the cost per gallon at that station.

Another site design will give users a list of local theaters and movie times when they enter their zip code. People can see what movies are playing at which theaters, and the times the movies are showing. Additional links will take the user to the movie trailer of a particular listing.

Guy will also design a Flash game arcade site just for the asking. "Flash games are addicting. People get hooked on an online game, and they wind up visiting that site for hours." Over 1,000 online games are included with the site.

In addition, Guy will also include a self-growing blog with each site. "The sites are designed so that the front page has what the visitor wants, and the blog helps bring targeted visitors from the search engines," he said. The blog will post syndicated content, meaning that each day, the blog will grow by one or two new articles.

"Each month, the blog will add about 40 or 50 pages that are related to what the site is about. The more pages your blog has, the better chance visitors will find your site in the search engines."

The best way to monetize these sites would be to place Cost per Action banners and ads from Google Adsense. "These sites were made to run Cost per Action (CPA) banners," said Guy. "CPA banner advertising can be very lucrative with sites like these. For example, if you had a gas price site, you could run a banner ad that offered a $100 gas card. You would be paid a commission from the advertiser if one of your visitors sought out more information on the gas card."

Included with the money making websites will be information and resources on website promotion, building a mailing list, and getting started with CPA advertising.

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