Sunday, April 18, 2010

25 Most Common Job Interview Questions

Financial blog, released an article discussing some of the most common job interview questions asked ( With so many on the job hunt, improving interviewing skills is a great way to better one's chances of success. The article lists 25 common job interview questions that prospective employees should be prepared for, but it also offers additional interviewing tips as well.

An excerpt from the article...

Early in my career I would go to job interview, knowing that they were going to ask some tough anecdotal questions. I would just hope that I could whip out a great answer without a 90 second awkward pause as I tried to think of a time when I had a situation at work that I used problem-solving skills to solve. After doing this interview after interview, a couple things started to dawn on me.

Most of the interviewers often asked similar questions.

If I prepared beforehand I would have much more of an advantage than if I tried to navigate the archives of my brain while under the pressure of the interviewer.

So, next time I had an interview I decided to spend a few hours the night before thinking about stories of accomplishment, conflict resolution, and other answers to interview questions that might be asked.

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