Sunday, April 4, 2010

Professional Blogger Reaches Out To Fellow Entrepreneurs By Offering Free Report

Even though Terez Howard freelances as a professional blogger, she realizes that she cannot fulfill the needs of every business owner. So she released the free report "Where To Find A Professional Blogger" on

The 8-page report summarizes three ways business owners can find professional bloggers.  The report delves into the time and money a business owner can expect to spend on a search, a blogger's general rates and the writing quality bloggers provide within a search method.

Howard, a small business owner herself, released this report to assist fellow small business owners who want to outsource blogging to a high quality writer but don't know how to go about their search. She believes small business owners thrive when reliable vendors collaborate and share hidden potential.

Howard admits she feeds off of other small business owners' willing support. "Without the knowledge and time-tested experience of business professionals, I would have no direction and no reason to believe I can succeed. I'm grateful that busy business owners take the time to give me guidance."

Her free report is her way of giving back to those who have given advice to her. "I want to help small business owners flourish because they have helped me," Howard says.

The free report currently is available under the Freebies section at