Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tips to Be the Successful Bidder on Freelancing Board Websites by Charles J William

A lot of people have been seen registering on freelancing job boards in the hope of getting some work which they can do as a freelancer. Around 60% of these freelancers become idle after a week or so. The major reason behind this is that they don't get work and because of this they either get bored of it or stop trying with a view that it is not possible to get job here. The volume of jobs posted by buyers is so much that if you take care of a few things, you surely will start getting jobs.

Let discuss a few tips which are helpful and if properly followed, they will help you in getting a good job. These tips are written by one of the top ranked freelancer on different boards and can be applied commonly for almost all the freelancing job boards and cover very basic mistakes made by new comers.

Identify & Develop Your Skills: The first step towards success is to develop and identify you skills. You should know the key areas in which you have expertise. Once you are sure of your skills, sharpen them so that you are able to get good feedback from the buyers.

Prepare a Good Portfolio: Make a good portfolio highlighting the major areas of your expertise, the past projects done, competency test cleared and your commitment towards work. Its just like a CV, you are selling yourself so be sure of what you write.

Short Listing of Projects: Do not bid on every project you see as a long list of projects in your profile will not give a good impression of yours. Be sure of what you are bidding and only bid on the projects for which you have suitable expertise to complete the project. Remember it's always better not to bid than getting an incomplete or poor feedback.

Be the First One to Bid: This is not a closed bidding for which bids will be opened on last date and evaluated simultaneously. This is rather a person looking for a most suitable candidate and the moment he finds a suitable freelancer, he will award the project. Once you see a project which you can do, do not wait much to bid on it. Remember if you are first one to bid, your chances of getting the project are much higher. As the number of bid keep increasing, your chances to win the project keep going low. The first bid will get the first attention and if your proposal is solid, you will most likely get the project.

Make a Solid Proposal: The most common mistake made by the freelancers is that they don't message the buyer in private after bidding. Make yourself different from others and give buyer a reason to select you. For that make a solid proposal which should show that you have understand the project clearly. The proposal should also give the step wise description on how you will complete the project, what actions you will take to complete the project and what tools you would be using for that. Provide any samples of the similar kind of work which you have done in past.

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