Monday, June 21, 2010

Things You Should Know If You Plan To Become A Freelancer by Sampath Wijeratne

Freelancing has become the main source of income for many people around the world. It has become popular as it gives a big freedom for the freelancer. A freelancer doesn't need to work under someone else and the boss is himself/herself. He/she decides what to do and when to do. But there are certain things that you must be aware of if you are planning to become a freelancer. I will explain one by one which I feel that you must be aware of before stepping into the freelancing field.

The most important thing is that you must have a sound knowledge on the subject that you are planning to get freelancing jobs. For an example, if you plan to become a freelancer in software development, you must have a thorough knowledge in one or more programming languages and other related technologies. Otherwise there is a great chance that you will lose the project and your membership on the freelancing site and your reputation. And definitely you will lose your career as soon as you start. Therefore you must gain a sound knowledge in the relevant area before you step into freelancing even how much you are impatient.

Let's assume that you have gained a sound knowledge on the area that you plan to become a freelancer and you are ready to start your career as a freelancer. Next thing you must do is identifying your scope. It means, you must have a good understanding on your strengths and weaknesses. You must try to overcome your weaknesses if possible. And you must also have a good skill of time management as it will definitely play a major role in your freelancing career. If you are not confident about time management, you must do a research in the internet and learn the basics.

Now you are ready to start your career. The next thing you must do is, finding a freelancing offer. The easiest and efficient way is finding a website which provides freelance offers. You will find many if you do a Google search. Some of them ask you to pay for your membership. Some provide free registration. You can choose any option. But before registering, you must read their payment policies and other related legal conditions. You have to make sure that you are properly paid without any cheating, safely. Most websites charge a percentage of your bid on the project as a commission. You have to agree with it as it is very hard to find good projects by your own. is a good website according to my personal view. But you might not find projects which suits your area of expertise. There are many websites that you can go.

You have become a member of a freelancing website now and ready to bid on projects. First thing you must do is, read the project description and understand its requirements and decide whether you can complete it 100%. If you are not clear on something, contact the project owner and clarify your doubts and problems before bidding. Many websites provide message facilities between the freelancer and the job owner. Use it. If you are confident that you can bet on the project, then don't go for a higher bet at the first time. You must build a good recognition in the community first. Don't care much about your income from the first few projects. The most important thing is winning a bid. And keep in mind to use a professional way of communication with the project owner. And always, always deliver the 100% completed project on time or before the dead line. This will increase your recognition.

If you follow these guidelines, you will definitely start your freelancing career with a good start. Always keep in mind that you must be honest with your projects. Otherwise you won't be able to continue with your freelancing career for a long time. Wish you good luck in your freelancing career.

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