Monday, August 2, 2010

Make Money With Blogs Through Freelancing by Thomas Reidy

Having gone through the hard school of knocks, the chances are good that you have learned a lot about blogging by now - so much that you are an expert!

There are many businesspeople out there looking for your blogging experience. They think of the word "blog" and feel very intimidated about running one themselves, but realize that the marketplace is changing and they need to stay competitive by blogging. Why not offer to help them increase blog traffic as a freelance consultant?

There are a few different ways you can make this happen. You can actually do all of the work; choosing a domain name, doing the market and keyword research, setting up the script, writing the content, and setting up the monetization. You can even maintain the blog on an ongoing basis for your clients-- netting you a sizable income!

It all depends on how your target market and the type of clients you go after (for instance, you will probably make more setting up a blog for an "offline" client than you will for someone who wants a blog geared toward affiliate marketing).

If you find that you enjoy writing content but not the technical aspects; you can earn money by specializing in blog posts. As an alternative, you can outsource the writing to others and act as a project manager. Freelancing as a ghost-blogger is a high demand skill.

You establish credibility in this type of business by first, demonstrating examples of your work. Showcase your own blog to your prospects. Ask open-ended questions about, not only their objectives, but also their problems and fears. Your solution should solve both of those concerns.

Establish an outsourcing file of subcontractors who you can use on a project basis to handle the work you prefer not to do. Here is a starter list of websites that you can research:


· (formerly



· (projects people will do for $5)

As you start to get results, referrals will come your way. It's a great thing when you become a blogging master since everyone wants to generate business with their own blog these days!

Explore the possibility of purchasing reseller hosting rights and then sell monthly fee hosting packages for people who will gladly pay you to take their blogging problems completely off their hands. The sky is truly the limit when you start monetizing your expertise.

Thomas Reidy is an expert blogger; specalizing in coaching beginner bloggers on how to quickly and easily start their own money making blogs--just by devoting 15 minutes a day. Get 5 brand new money making blog secrets at