Sunday, August 8, 2010

Place Your Bet on Freelancing in a Bad Economy - A Gamble Paid Off by Lee Su Jung

Now that the economy has turned south and massive job cuts, lay offs, salary freeze and pink slips have drilled cold fear into the bosoms of most professionals, most people are of the opinion that one of the hardest hit sectors will be the freelancing sector. But this is a rather false assumption and as far from the truth as possible.

The real and breaking news is that freelance jobs online and freelance projects and freelance employment opportunities will not get affected by downsizing. When faced with the prospects of financial losses and decreasing revenues, most companies take the route of downsizing and lay offs and salary cuts to meet the expenses or as a cost cutting measure.

The companies usually take recourse to job cuts because they can then get rid of high overhead costs such as salaries, perks, gratuity, pension, insurance, medical allowance and other such employee benefits.

Now, there will be job cuts but the volume of work will remain the same. Who will do this extra work? This is where freelance jobs online, freelance employment and freelance projects come in. All these extra work loads will be handed over to freelancers who are not bound to any employer on any kind of long term commitment.

Freelancers will work for any company independently on a short term basis, at a rate lower than a full time worker, and yet will have to produce outstanding work quality within the stipulated deadline. There are no needs of overhead costs for either retaining or hiring or training freelancers, there are no set up costs, there is no issue of perks and benefits or salary hikes and that is why freelancers are so much in demand in all the fields, be it freelance programming or freelance web developer jobs or freelance web designers jobs etc. The only expense that the company has to face is the work related expense.

The tougher and more troubled the times, more will the demand be for well qualified and experienced freelancers who can produce high quality work and submit them within stipulated deadlines. The good news is that because of near zero expenses behind freelancers, most companies retain or hire freelancers to tide over the economic crisis.

Full time workers may be shown the door, but there is need for skilled workers who can promote websites or build links or design websites or know internet and computer languages. The vacuum that is created through the lay offs is filled in by the service of freelancers so that the company may survive and continue to operate.

In other words the jobs like freelance programming or freelance web developer jobs or freelance web designers' jobs or other types of freelance jobs online are mainly outsourcing jobs and the only solution in the hands of the companies now.

So freelancers are actually benefited by a troubled economy and if you are intelligent and know how to cash in on opportunities and if you have the requisite skills in any of the fields described above, you can make a great killing, that's for sure.

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