Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Art of Freelancing - How to Make Money Fast by Christopher Mendetta

If you have the right skills to be a freelancer of a certain art form, you could have a way to make money fast as you ply your wares to those who are looking for what you have. Freelance writers, photographers, actors, and painters all make money with their skills. There are even independent reporters who sell their stories, and we all know about paparazzi who continually are harassing famous people at restaurants and grocery stores all over the world. All of these people work hard at giving their prospective clients what they need in order to make their money.

Freelance writers sell their work to prospective newspapers, magazines, and even traditional publishing houses that may be looking to put together compilations of poetry or short stories. Even more common now are those who sell their work for the Internet in the form of blogs or online news agencies.

Photographers can sell their photos to magazines and newspapers as well as organizations that are looking for specific photos. These photos can range from the ultra-artsy to scientific or natural science photos. Many photographers make money fast once they start developing clientele that they continue to feed great photos to.

Painters and artists of all kinds could do freelance work such as mural painting or supplying sculptures to cities or states that support their work. Artwork can be sold to businesses or hotels, which helps out both parties by having nice d├ęcor in the hotel and supporting the artist's work on the other side.

Independent reporters are always seeking out the latest news stories and trying to sell them to news agencies or even television stations. These reporters often work with photographers to establish their stories quickly and with compelling photos to back up their stories.

All in all, many freelance professionals make money fast with their work, and can always be asked to do things with more specific terms than some employees of big companies can do. If a company wanted to get a good picture of an erupting volcano, they may not send their own people to the location to do the dangerous work, but merely put a price on the perfect photo and see who comes back with the best shot. This type of work is always available to those who can handle the uncertainty of it all, but the rewards could be quite good in the end.

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