Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moonlighting and Freelancing, Great Ways to Make More Money by Christopher Mendetta

If you are looking for ways to make more money for yourself to make ends meet, you may consider using your expertise, as well as your specialized equipment, to do side jobs and weekend work on your own. There are many ways to freelance your skills to those looking for a one-time gig, and finding your own personal clients away from your nine to five day job could bring you big rewards. While not putting yourself in situations that may be illegal, or be considered a conflict of interest by your company, you could still make a good chunk of cash by simply using your skills during your off time.

For example, maybe you are a photographer that works for a company that does portrait work or family photos in a studio. If you took on some weekend work doing weddings and birthday parties it could help you make more money and still not be in direct conflict with the company you work for. This type of circumstance would most likely not anger your employer nor be considered illegal in any way.

Beyond photography, there are other freelancing jobs you could take on if you have the skills. Writers often sell their work individually as well as all sorts of other artists. You can make more money through these means once you begin to establish yourself with different clients who like your work and trust you can meet deadlines.

With the technology we are dealing with today, you can find all kinds of freelance opportunities as well as one time jobs doing everything from music gigs to modeling, and even specific trades like carpentry and plumbing jobs. Unlike many years ago, these jobs where often found through someone you knew, or by just pure luck. All kinds of different opportunities could make more money for you if you merely seek them out.

Ultimately, if you want to make more money and potentially turn a one time job into something more, try out different avenues to get you where you want to be and do a good job when the actual job comes available to you. Be willing to prove your worth, and you may establish a long-standing relationship with a client or two that could keep you making money in the future. This relationship could eventually parlay itself into bigger and better things and can also be something to have on a resume as well.

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