Monday, September 27, 2010

New Free EBook Teaches You 50 Ways to Build an Email Marketing List

Want to get some email marketing campaigns off the ground but aren't sure where to start? Got an email marketing program in place but it’s not growing as fast as desired? Blue Sky Factory has published 50 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List, a new free eBook that will help marketers grow their lists at a phenomenal rate.

What's in the book? It's full of tips for building an email list, broken out into 6 categories:

Social media
Web and website
Email campaigns
Email marketing strategy

Each section is filled with bite-size tips that marketers can try out in their own programs. Some will be just right for any organization, while others may be ideas to put on the shelf until a later date. Try them out and see what works! Plus, there’s a printable “cheat sheet” that includes all 50 tips so they can be hung up at a desk.

The eBook is available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free by clicking here.