Sunday, October 10, 2010

Become a Freelance Writer - Skilled Writers Can Earn a Living Working at Home

Just stop and consider the number of individual pages on the World Wide Web. The Internet has millions of pages and hundreds of thousands of individual web sites. Most of these pages contain text that was probably written by a freelance writer.

The fact is that text is very important to any given web page. It's also a fact that a majority of website and web-business owners are not natural writers, and/or don't have the time to write for their own websites. Most hire freelance writers to do this work.

To become a freelance writer and realize success, you need to possess skills such as:

1) The ability to write skillfully. You must be able to write text that is compelling and enjoyable to read. It should be easy to understand without sounding overly-simplistic.

2) A good grasp of English (or whatever language you are planning to write in). You shouldn't try to write in a language that isn't your native language, or that you aren't 100 percent fluent in.

3) A thorough knowledge of the basic rules of grammar and spelling. To become a freelance writer, you must have good grammar. Excellent grammar and spelling is crucial when you write professionally, whether it's for the Internet or another type of media. Poor grammar makes your client appear unprofessional and isn't good for their bottom line profitability. Ditto for spelling. (And by the way, you can't assume that your computer's spell and grammar check program will correct all of your mistakes.)

If this sounds like you, you can become a freelance writer by joining an online freelancer's network. There are a number of good ones on the Web. Many are free, and some offer additional benefits with a small annual subscription fee.

Joining one of these networks allows you to bid on writing jobs. These jobs are posted from all over, and include article, website copy and sales copy writing, as well as other types of freelance writing (books, poems, e-books) and editing work.

It's best if you can provide some samples of your work to prospective bidders. You may be able to post these samples right to your profile, depending on the particular network. Otherwise, be prepared to email samples to prospective employers (they want to make sure you really know how to write before they accept your bid).

All of your work can be done at home. Correspondence between you and your employer typically takes place through email or live computer chat or by phone. Finished projects are then delivered via email.

Anyone who has ever wanted to become a freelance writer will find a wide range of opportunities in this kind of forum. Those who are skilled writers and dedicated to freelancing can often find steady work this way. This kind of freelancing sometimes leads to other types of writing opportunities and bigger ventures. It's one of the best ways to break into the freelance writing business.

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