Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tips On Free Tools To Use For Freelancing by C Ceil


Freelancing isn't an easy job as the competition is fierce and cut-throat. Whether you are a writer or a web designer or a programmer, there are thousands like you out there who are also looking for freelancing jobs so you need to have special skills or tools to stand apart from them and get noticed.

Online Jobs

To assist the freelancers in finding the right kind of jobs, several freelancer websites have sprung up which allow employers to post jobs for a fee and obtain skilled labor in return. Getting yourself registered at these websites would be the first step to ensure that you get a steady flow of freelancing jobs. Varied jobs such as web designing, web programming, article writing and editing, photo editing and graphic designing are available online. One has to simply choose the right kind of job that suits their set of skills.

Tools For Web Developers

For web developers there are a number of tools available that can help them in testing and optimizing the websites that they create. LoadStorm is one such tool that can be used by web developers to check the loading time of websites that they have created. This free tool can be used to create as many test plans and scenarios required to test the website. VisualVM is another free tool that helps freelancers in testing the Java applications that they have created. This tool helps in monitoring application's performance and memory consumption by remotely running the Java applications. Google's Website Optimizer is another device which helps developers in analyzing user actions and traffic to create error free websites.

Tools For Writers

For freelance writers the tools available are also multiple and varied. Keynote is one such free software that allows content writers to arrange research notes by adding and multiplying various notes and compiling them together. White Smoke is another such application that enables writers to proof read their documents and helps in improving the sentence structures for more innovative and grammatically correct sentences.

Tools for Photo Editors

Photo editors can use Picnik to crop, resize, rotate and give final touches to their edited photos.

All the above mentioned free tools can be used by freelancers to enhance and improve their job performance. If you are a freelancer and you are looking for jobs then you must try to learn the above techniques for achieving greater success in your field of work.

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