Sunday, October 31, 2010

Top 52 Advertising Techniques has released a compendium of the 52 most popular advertising techniques worldwide.

This comprehensive collection of advertising techniques will inspire new ways for marketing and advertising professionals to create effective communications.

The collection features hundreds of contemporary print, TV, digital and social media examples. And the techniques themselves range from the traditional - such as Problem / Solution and Metaphors - to cutting-edge techniques such as Dramatic Conflict.

"We started with a review of thousands of ads from Asia, the Americas, and Europe - along with feedback from over 300 copywriters and art directors," said Steve McNamara, creative director at

"This collection gives ad agencies and advertisers a clear picture of 'what works' in advertising, at least from the creative perspective."

According to McNamara, "Advertising techniques have persuasive energy. They are the elements in ads that engage and persuade, that get people to click or call, to remember or to react emotionally."

McNamara says that advertising techniques are culturally neutral, and can be expressed in any medium, from newspaper ads to social platforms such as Facebook.

"To see ad techniques in action look at any ad from Apple Computers," says McNamara. "Whether it's branding or direct response, in TV or digital media, Apple stands apart for its creative and effective use of ad techniques."

That's fine for big companies like Apple. But how can the small advertiser, small ad agency or freelancer benefit?

"Every copywriter, business owner, and graphic designer has a set of advertising techniques in their bag of tricks," says McNamara. "But even the best creatives get stuck in a rut. This collection of ad techniques will help creatives explore new ways to make the cash register sing."

An introductory video along with dozens of the most popular advertising techniques are now available for viewing at All 52 techniques are included on AdCracker's Creative Director and Creative Manager multimedia CD Sets.