Sunday, October 3, 2010

Web 2 Mobile Design Launches iPad Screenwriting Application

Screenwriting is an application that lets you write your screenplay masterpiece on your iPad. This easy to use app will allow you to write your screenplay on the couch, in the bathroom, or on your commute to work.

Never has writing been so fun and productive. The beautiful and intuitive interface makes it easy to create your cover page, organize your characters, take script notes, and write your masterpiece from anywhere.

"Screenwriting for the iPad is the first Screenwriting application built specifically for the iPad to take advantage of this unique mobile platform. The ability to import pictures directly from your iPad's photo album to your character list helps to see your script come to life," said Nik Manning, Co-Founder of Web 2 Mobile Design.

Want to import your script from another writing program? No problem. With Screenwriting you can import any script into the app directly from your computer's web browser using the industry standard .fdx format.

If you want to backup your screenplay you can email your Project with all of the script info including Cover Page, Character List, and Project Notes. If you have finished your screenplay and want to make the final changes, you can easily export it from the application. Your exported script will be saved in the .fdx file format so you can easily open your screenplay in any popular desktop screenwriting applications.

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