Monday, December 27, 2010

9 Things Your Website Is Doing to Drive Visitors Away - And How You Can Bring Them Back

Precision Marketing Group, a small business marketing firm focused on creating marketing that makes money for entrepreneurial organizations, has published a white paper that outlines some of the most common website mistakes and how companies can avoid them.

The paper, "9 Things Your Website Is Doing to Drive Visitors Away," outlines the typical problems that plague websites and supplies solutions aimed at attracting, engaging and converting visitors. Grounded in the years of hands-on experience that PMG has had with helping its clients create, optimize and market their websites successfully, this valuable resource is designed to help businesses to reduce clutter and confusion on their websites while increasing site traffic and enhancing lead generation. Download the white paper here:

"Our tips, columns, articles, and resources are always created with the customer in mind, and this white paper is no exception," says Maureen Condon, principal, Precision Marketing Group. "Readers who choose to implement the changes suggested in this paper should see real results in their website's effectiveness."