Monday, December 6, 2010

Be Your Own Boss: Top 5 Freelancing Jobs by Emily Sismour

In this tough economic climate, some people are turning to consulting and freelancing when full-time positions at companies aren't readily available. In fact, freelancers and consultants who aren't committed to long-term employment at a particular organization have the ability to network widely, develop their portfolio and enjoy a variety of different projects and assignments. The key to successful freelancing is catering your specific skill set to the appropriate industry and offering services that will benefit that client or company. Freelancers must be extremely self-disciplined, have well-honed entrepreneurial skills and be able to work in a number of different settings.

Let's take a look at five of the most "freelance-friendly jobs."

  1. Web Developer: As technology continues to expand throughout the global workforce, building websites or improving company's existing sites is a sure-fire way to obtain stable freelance work. Web development and programming knowledge is one of the most useful skills to have in today's digitally driven market. Freelance web developers are typically tasked with the design, implementation, and modification of company or personal websites.
  2. Graphic Designer: Graphic design is another occupation popularized by the expansion of the Internet. Traditionally, graphic designers have worked in the print medium, but current graphic designers work just as much, if not more, on the internet. Graphic designers who freelance are usually tasked with the visual development and creation of a company's messages and brand design.
  3. IT Consultant: IT consulting is one of the most in-demand freelancing jobs. As companies across the globe continue to implement technology to help their businesses run more effectively and to more efficiently meet company objectives, IT consultants are employed to advise and instruct businesses about this technology. IT consultants also help businesses stay ahead of the curve by keeping software and IT systems up to date and implementing new versions when applicable.
  4. Copy writer: Freelance copy writers enjoy versatile kinds of employment. Qualified writers are needed in all types of businesses and because of this copy writers can be employed in almost every business sector. Copy writers are tasked with the enormous responsibility of writing copy to promote a business or person. In doing so, they must articulately persuade readers and consumers of the value of a product or company. Copy writers who freelance often enjoy a variety of different projects and assignments.
  5. Photographer: More than half of professional photographers are self-employed making photography an extremely freelance-reliant field. Photographers often specialize in a specific type of photography like wedding, commercial, or scientific photography and through specialization can differentiate themselves.

These five examples of popular "freelance-friendly" jobs are five of many. Other popular freelance work can be found in writing, interior design, translating, and recruiting fields, among others. Can't find a job at a business or corporation, but have a valuable set of skills coupled with experience? Freelancing or consulting may be the best way to showcase these skills, earn a stable income, and participate in exciting and diverse projects.