Monday, January 17, 2011

The Benefits of A Writing Career

Writing is a career and a profession. Writing is not as difficult as it seems to many people.Anyone can write no matter his level of qualification,specialization or educational background. As long as one can write a letter,that person can write and convert his writing skills to a money making activity if he can set his mind and energies to it.

However,writing requires focus and determination. To be able to write,you must endeavor to write everyday no matter how little and the ideas will continue to flow like a burst water pipe. You need to carry a pen and notepad around and write down ideas that pop up.

The qualifications of a writer

What qualifies a person to write will depend on his possession of one or more of the following:

  1. -Training in a particular field of endeavor
  2. -Valuable experience in a particular field of endeavor
  3. -A hobby about which ideas can be shared
  4. -Having a special interest
  5. -Having an uncommon passion or interest about something eg to impact upon lives through writing
  6. -Having an extra-ordinary skill,insight or revelation which can be shared.

Everyone has some knowledge that can be released to benefit others but much of the time,the information lies dormant in our minds. People are willing to pay for what the writer knows so long as it solves their problems. The purpose for writing is to be able to solve problems for people.

The benefits of a writing career

  1. -Writing gives the writer instant public recognition by bringing him and his works into limelight.
  2. -Writing places the writer in the minds of the public as an authority in the area of expertise written about. Though there may be others who are more knowledgeable in that area,the public will prefer to deal with the author who has written on that subject because he has placed himself as an authority.

  1. -Through writing,an author records his achievements and contributions to an endeavor for posterity and to add to the body of knowledge which generations coming behind can benefit from.
  2. -Writing can create multiple streams of residual income and will continue to generate money for the author without further effort.
  3. -Writing enables an author to leave behind a legacy which many generations can tap into to benefit.
  4. -It immortalizes an author as people will continue to research his works long after he may have departed into eternity.For example, John Bunyan and William Shakespeare who lived and died about 400 years ago, and who wrote The Pilgrim's Progress and Hamlet respectively are remembered for their works.

The author, Ayodele Adegbulugbe, is a freelance writer who owns