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Media Strategist Jay Deragon Addresses Basis for Effective Social Media Revenue Generation

Management Consultant and Social Media Strategist Jay Deragon has released a new white paper entitled 5×6 Social Media Revenue Matrix available for free download via the "pulbications" section of his widely followed blog, Relationship Economy ( Deragon penned this timely publication in response to business' growing demand to align revenue generation with social media efforts.

"Too many businesses are doing it wrong," Deragon reports. "They are trying to use social networking for traditional selling, and that simply doesn't work."

Deragon, who consults with major corporations globally on the use of social strategies, states that he observes even large scale brands trying to impose archaic rationale in interacting with online communities. He contends that online communities are only effective in leading to revenue when they are approached with superior relational skills.

"This means that brands need to listen to their consumers, engage them in conversation and genuinely respond and interact for the long term. This is the only way to achieve loyalty, action and advocacy of a brand amongst consumers."

In the 5×6 Social Media Revenue Matrix, Deragon provides practical insights on how to properly utilize social media to achieve business' desired effect: revenue generation. He highlights five essential aspects of any social media strategy for brand building purposes and intersects those components with six core questions that must drive any social effort or campaign.

As the social media landscape continues to evolve and social networks become more integrated into human interactions and information acquisition, more and more brands and businesses have entered the arena in hopes of bolstering marketing to garner measurable sales growth. In the new white paper, Deragon illuminates why misguided motive inevitably derails efficacy of effort every time.

"Social interaction never negates the need for great service, quality products and sincere interactions with consumers. Everything we've ever known about building customer trust and earning the sale still applies. Social media is not a magic bullet," he summarizes.

The white paper is available now via for free download. Click on the "publications" tab for direct access.

Learn How to Create a Website with Free Video Tutorials

Learning how to make a website is the very first step for work at home jobs and internet marketing. It marks the beginning of a small business’s web venture, and is used as a base for online networking with customers and clients. is a new website that provides videos and resources to individuals and small business owners who want to establish a presence on the web. To Make a Website provides resources in an organized and straightforward manner.

Up until now, website tutorials and videos have been either costly or hastily put together. This made it difficult for beginners to get all the resources and help they needed all in one place. The owners of created this website as a solution for those who are looking for a one stop source of free website creation tutorials.

An increasing number of small businesses have been turning to the internet as a means for reaching out to clients and obtaining new ones. Creating a web page is the first step in an internet marketing strategy. It’s often said that, "Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future." Building a website can give any business the chance to expand in the future. To Make a Website’s creators state that "It has never been easier to make a website," as the company’s goal is to teach and guide beginners into creating their own web pages and/or blogs.

Many internet entrepreneurs understand the importance of making a website but do not know how to begin. They find step-by-step video tutorials useful because they can be viewed during the process of building a site. also provides videos on choosing a hosting plan, learning how to turn a blog into a website, and how to upload files and data via FTP (file transfer protocol).

To Make a Website is a new organization ran by individuals with a lot of experience and knowledge regarding the internet marketing industry. The tutorials are designed for any individual or small business who wants to get a good website up and running. There is an emphasis placed upon WordPress in particular – the creators of To Make a Website explain, "we feel it is by far one the most superior publishing platforms to build a website or blog on."

Free SEO Copywriting Handbook

The Internet has changed the face of copywriting forever. Today, the copywriter needs to understand special skills in addition to being able to persuade a reader to act.

Writing for the Internet - especially landing pages - requires a mastery of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. These skills are still new to many print copywriters.

Direct response copywriters are experts at creating mesmerizing headlines that catch the attention of readers. These headlines are followed by irresistible product offers that tempt the reader to purchase.

Today, copywriters are putting these types of sales letters on the Internet, but without proper SEO writing, the persuasive pieces will not be found and indexed by search engines like Google. If your product cannot be found, it virtually does not exist to the online community.

To learn the skills necessary to create search engine optimized sales letters, blog posts, topic descriptions and press releases, download our complimentary SEO Copywriting Handbook.

In this handbook you will also learn how to find your keywords, how to build and manage a keyword cluster, the best keywords to target, how to use social media to build buzz and links, how to execute an SEO campaign and how to measure its results.

To learn how to write effectively for the Internet, start with our free SEO Copywriting Handbook.

To receive your free digital copy of our 48-page SEO Copywriting Handbook, visit now.

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Freelancing Sites - Is the Cost Worth It? by Kristi Patrice Carter

With many freelance sites that allow providers to submit proposals for projects, there are free and paid membership options. The free options limit the amount of times you can submit project proposals, so serious freelancers are faced with paying the monthly dues in order to really get in there and find clients and work. The cost varies depending upon which freelance marketing site you sign up for, and if you're a member of more than one, the cost can really add up. So, is it really worth it?

Taking a Look at What You're Making

When working with freelancing websites, like Elance, it's important to keep track of how much you're making on that site. Most of them have records so you can easily look at a week or month and see how much money you've brought in. Add up the income you're making and then subtract your expenses to see what you're left with. If you're just getting started with these types of marketing sites, it may be less than you'd hoped for, but persistence is key. However, if you've been there a while and you're not making enough to cover the monthly fees for membership or you're not making as much as you think you should, it may be time to reexamine the situation.

Quality of Projects Posted

Another thing you have to look at in order to determine whether it's worth paying the cost is the quality of projects posted. Some freelancing sites draw in individuals who are willing to pay well to have a freelancer or artist handle their project. Others draw in project posters who simply want to pay as little as possible - some even offering $.50 for a full article. Aside from being shameful, these projects are not going to pay your bills. If the site is full of these, you may want to move on to another site that has better quality projects.

Limiting the Freelancing Sites You're a Member Of

There are countless freelance sites out there, and many individuals are members of more than one. The cost can quickly add up if you're submitting proposals at 3, 4, or even 5 different freelancing sites. The key is to focus on the site where you're receiving the best quality and higher paying projects. For the rest, keep a free account rather than a paid one, and only submit proposals on the projects that really speak to you. It's worth paying for the site that is bringing you the better-paying projects, but being a member of more than 1 or 2 sites can easily make the cost not worth it! Sites like offer a free membership where providers can post a free profile and receive the ability to submit up to 10 proposals a month and offer a plethora of great projects too!

By taking a good look at what you're making, examining the quality of the projects posted and limiting the number of sites you're part of, you can save money and still get the great projects that are helping you bring home the bacon. Good luck!

Kristi Patrice Carter, J.D. is an experienced Elance service provider that has completed over 800 Writing, Marketing, and Legal projects in the past ten years on Elance, totaling over $300.000 in total earnings. Follow Kristi as she shares her secrets to being a successful Elance provider and making money on Elance, the leading online marketplace for online talent. Visit today!

Freelancing Doesn't Mean Free by Rebecca Stigall

I'm a freelance writer. Now, that job title has never earned the respect that it deserves but, in this day and age of outsourcing and working virtually, being a freelance writer appears to signify to many buyers that one's services are to be had at a very low cost. One has to wonder why.

One of the biggest challenges facing freelance writers today, especially those of us who provide our services online, is outsourcing. Although a global economy is certainly down the road, for now, there are Western workers and non-Western workers. What I mean is that an economy is not competitive if the wages required to live in one economy are vastly different from those required to live in another.

Yes, I'm talking specifically about the outsourcing of jobs - writing jobs, customer service jobs, assembly jobs, whatever - to countries such as India, Pakistan, etc. Look, the reality is that making five dollars an hour in India is like making $50 an hour here in the U.S. We just can't compete. Not because we don't want to, but because we simply can't. I've been involved in many a debate about how American writers charge too much for their services as compared with offshore providers.

The reality is that American workers literally can't work for $5 an hour. That's less than minimum wage and will earn us a nice cardboard box under a bridge somewhere. It's not a realistic wage for this country. It is however, a realistic wage for someone living in a nation where the average annual wage is well under $2,000.00 a year! Heck, $2,000.00 a year won't even fill up the minivan let alone pay for food, clothing, housing, utilities, etc. What buyers should ask themselves is, can they live on less than $2,000.00 a year? Can they live on what they're paying us? If the answer is no, then we probably can't either.

And, even if a buyer's financial needs are met through outsourcing, their project needs rarely are. Look, I applaud anyone trying to make a living, but ya just can't write effectively to an American audience if your first language isn't English. As a matter of fact, quality (language or production) is one of the biggest barriers to outsourcing in any industry. Personally, as someone who pays dearly for the products and services I receive, I hate it when I have to contact customer service and deal with someone who doesn't understand what I'm saying. It's unpleasant and the entire experience leaves me feeling as if my business is not valued. After all, if I pay good money for something, shouldn't I receive a quality product with quality customer service - not just service and production that has been outsourced to the lowest bidder?

Buyers who don't think that their target audience notices their lack of dedication to their own project are simply kidding themselves. As I surf the web, I catch all of the spelling, grammar, and syntax errors made by writers who are either unprofessional or not English-speaking. It's noticeable, it's annoying, and buyers who think that the American public - the paying American public - doesn't just surf off to another site when we are insulted in this way need to think again. In essence, if you want to appear professional - an expert in your field (whatever service or product you sell or promote) - you need a professional writer to help you. If you don't invest in yourself and your image - it shows.

Another huge challenge facing American freelance writers are books and ebooks being marketed to a cash-strapped public making promises of earning millions from home and finding services for cheap. Several of these marketing manuals insist that virtual freelancers are to be had for pennies and that anyone can work as a writer. The only people getting rich are the ones selling these books/ebooks. The public is shelling out their hard-earned cash to be fed a pack of lies. Virtual freelancers are not cheap - at least quality ones (for all of the reasons detailed above) and you're not going to make a million dollars as a freelance writer.

Unfortunately, many people who have snagged one of these books/ebooks as a do-all-tell-all into the freelancing industry approach freelancing, freelance writers, and their own projects as if they've found the fountain of youth or something. The old adages, "nothing in life is free" and "you get what you pay for" hold true in freelancing as they do in any industry. The average professional freelancer is a bit insulted when we are approached to write for $5 a page. Since one page of good writing takes at least one hour to produce, such an offer makes our jaws drop and our hair stand on end. Yet, the authors of the books and ebooks that indicate that ALL freelancers work for such wages continue to pull the wool over the eyes of buyers worldwide.

Look, here's the way it is - freelancing isn't free. If you want to purchase work for way under market freelancing rates, be prepared to deal with the fallout, i.e., poor writing, work that is copied and pasted directly from another (copyrighted) source, writing that sounds like it's been written by a third grader, etc.

Writing that has to be rewritten or that is completely unusable is no bargain. Pay for quality work the first time around and you'll save money in the long run.

Rebecca J. Stigall is a full-time freelance writer, author, and editor with a background in psychology, education, and sales. She has written extensively in the areas of self-help, relationships, psychology, health, business, finance, real estate, fitness, academics, and much more! Rebecca is a highly sought after ghostwriter with clients worldwide, and offers her services through her website at

For intelligent writing solutions for your business, visit my website.

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Going Freelance - Top Five Freelancing Mistakes You Must Stay Away From by Dewitt Guillen

I've been offering freelancing consulting from over 4 years now, and it has been an amazing experience so far. I can perfectly remember the days when I first started where I would work for even 12 straight hours, seven days a week.

Today, I work less than 40 hours per week and my income has doubled. Not only that, but my income is also increasing constantly each month. I've learned a lot along the way, and below are the top five mistakes I was doing when I first started.

Working too much hours. The first mistake I made was working too much hours. Working 12 hours may seem productive while you're doing it, but it sucks up your resources and you end up being very tired after a few days. Instead of working all those hours, I learned to prioritize my tasks and focusing only on the important things first.

Focusing only on my core niche. I work on a very specific niche, and I'm very happy with that. However, it's important that you stay up to date and study other topics including personal development, productivity, and stuff related to your work.

Asking too little. When I first started freelancing, I was worried I was asking too much. The truth is that we are often asking too little instead. Your goal should be to ask a premium and provide the best quality possible for your services. Most clients prefer to pay a bit more but have a quality product rather than spending less but ending up with a mediocre service.

Having no passive income. Having a source of passive income is very important in those moments when it's hard to find new clients. How to set up passive income streams depends on what kind of freelancer you are. If you make websites for example, you could offer hosting or monthly maintenance.

Not having a public profile. Being known online is a must, and I would personally spend a large amount of time (after having done my work) working on my blog and building connections.

The Unlimited Freelancer is a book that helped me a lot building my freelancing business in the past months. You can read my review at

Freelancing Work Opportunities - What Are the Options? by John Cosstick

If you are seeking freelancing work opportunities, you may be wondering what options exist. The good news is that there are more and more opportunities for freelance workers. Here are some of the options you can consider:

- Technical writing
The technical writing jobs sector is predicted to grow considerably in the next five years. These writers make technical information easy to understand and work for clients as varied as scientific consultants, software publishers and computer systems designers. If you already have skills in a scientific or technical field and can write well then this could be a great work at home opportunity.

- Computer programming
Perhaps you are already skilled in computer programming. If you have a sound knowledge of computer scripting languages and a working knowledge of web design standards then consider freelance programming among the freelancing work opportunities that are available. Not only are there are plenty of opportunities but it's a very well-paid career.

- Writing, editing and proofreading
There are many options for those more interested in the writing and editing field. In addition to technical writing writers can also freelance for magazines and newspapers (both in print and online), as well as writing for blogs and websites. There are millions of blogs and sites out there and the number is growing all the time so there is a constant demand for well written web content. If you have a nose for mistakes then consider proofreading among the freelancing work opportunities you could take up. As long as you have a computer, keen eyes and the ability to pick out typographical, spelling and grammatical errors, this career will suit you.

-Freelance design work
For more creative types, freelance design work can be a suitable option. If you are already adept at using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and drawing comes as naturally to you as breathing, then freelancing work opportunities in the design sector would probably suit you.

With all types of online freelance work, getting the jobs depends on being able to promote yourself. This means using your existing contacts as well as creating an online presence where clients can find and contact you. This will put you in a position to take advantage of freelancing work opportunities.

Need more advice about becoming a self-employed freelancer? Visit to get more useful tips and advice about making the transition from employment to building your own freelancing business, the types of freelancing jobs available, and where to find them.

4 Essential Steps to Prepare Your Blog For Earning

Advertisers and paid blogging systems will judge your blog using some, or all, of the following factors:

Quality posts
Number of inbound links
Google Page Rank
Alexa Rating
Technorati Authority

Some might also give you a piece of code so that they can count your visitors, but we will leave that for now, assuming that sorting the above helps you gain a lot of traffic. So, what do you do to get the best possible ratings on the factors above for your blog so you are earning as much as possible?

First, the easiest thing to do is to make sure that you are writing plenty of quality posts. Get someone else to proof read them if you are not 100% certain of your English and make sure they are original, interesting content. This gives advertisers something to view and search engines plenty of bait to possibly send you traffic.

As soon as possible you should do something about your Technorati Authority and your Alexa rating. Starting to help push these now could still be showing improvements in a few months. For Technorati, you need to sign up for an account and claim your blog. Then every time there is a link to your blog from another blog your Authority is increasing. It takes time for these links to develop, so do this quickly.

The same applies for Alexa. It is a measure of your internet traffic over time - the more traffic you are getting the lower (better) your Alexa rank. Obviously, increasing your traffic improves your Alexa ranking, but there is also a theory that installing the Alexa button on your website allows them to track every visitor and can improve your ranking. So your next step to prepare your blog is to install that simple button!

Lastly, we just need to look at inbound links. This is going to help your Technorati Authority where these links come from the body of a blog post, whilst all suitable links to your blog will help to improve your Page Rank. So three measures will be improved by getting more links!

You can do this is several ways. For a start, article writing can be very successful. Rewrite some of your posts and submit them to article directories. Not only can this give you quality links, but some of the readers will call into your blog and maybe follow your RSS feed. This, therefore, improves your Alexa rating (but not Technorati - the links are from directories). If you are lucky, some blog owners will pick up and reprint your articles on their blogs - more links in and possibly counted by Technorati.

There are other ways of building links, such as guest blogging, where you get a blog owner to publish your work on their blog in return for a few links to your website. Some blogs also remove the rel="nofollow" from comments and it can be well worth leaving meaningful comments on these.

So, the essential steps to prepare your blog for earning are:

Write quality posts
Claim your blog with Technorati
Add the Alexa button
Build a network of links through articles, guests posts, comments and so on
That's it!

If you want to know more about home working, call over to our website - There you will find load more ideas, and you can get yourself a free copy of our home working ebook.

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Start Freelancing With Five In-Demand Jobs by Eden Paul

If you are looking to start freelancing on either a full or part-time basis, there are some great in-demand jobs that you can start doing right from your own home with little to no previous experience required.

Some hot jobs for new freelance professionals include:

1. Everyday Photography. Take pictures of everyday items around your house. Magazines, online e-zines and online web-based companies will pay good money for nice snapshot photos.

2. Writing Articles for Websites. Websites and online publications are looking for more and more content writers. You can write about your favorite topics and get paid to do it! Some companies pay per article while others pay for each page of content. Sales letters can earn over $1,000 per page...even with no previous writing experience.

3. Write Reviews Product companies, magazine subscription companies and online websites will pay for honest reviews of products that you use everyday. You are paid just for your impressions and candid feedback.

4. Online Research. All you need is an internet connection and love to surf to do this job. Companies pay freelancers to research competitors and report what you find back to them.

5. Virtual Assistants. Work from home to complete online tasks, send emails, and perform other work for independent professionals or small businesses that don't require a full-time secretary or office manager. Your tasks can include anything from secretarial work to meeting and travel planning to project managing and coordinating.

With these great opportunities, there has never been a better time to try freelance work for yourself.

Eden Paul is a CPA and small business owner who enjoys helping others follow their dreams by using freelance communities and resources like GoFreelance For more information and ideas on how to start working for yourself, visit

Freelancing - The New Full Time by Udit Verma

Freelancer, by definition is a person who is self-employed and conducts business with employers & sells his or her services minus a long-term allegiance or contract to any of them. The freelancers work independently on temporary freelancing projects for a fixed duration of time and the method of payment for these projects vary from one project to another.

There is a boom of freelance projects available these days as broadband internet connection, offshore outsourcing and crowd sourcing have shrunk the world and have altered & expanded the available markets. This in turn has encouraged the growth of service sector in many emerging economies like India and China.

There is a gamut of wide-ranging service paradigms available for a freelancer, which will empower you to showcase your creative and technical competence to the world besides helping you make astonishing profits. Some of the areas where freelance employment is commonly found are:

* Graphic Design. Graphic design is an aesthetic and professional craft which necessitates tailoring graphics for visual communication and its presentational aspects. These days' companies outsource graphic design projects to freelancers to maximize their profits and to minimize costs. Freelance design project would include logo designing, promotional displays, visual designs etc.

* Web Design. Web design and web database design is a process of creating web pages and its content which would eventually be delivered to the end user through World Wide Web. There is a wide variety of web site designing projects available on different freelance job websites.

* Software Development. With the boom in Information technology more and more software developers and freelance programmers are opting to work from home as it's a fairly lucrative career option and also since they can enjoy the freedom and choices that are on offer.

* Writing & Translation. In a globalised world one has to deal with people from different countries who speak different languages. In such a world, to avoid conflicts that could arise due to difference in written or spoken languages, freelance translation services become very valuable. Similarly freelance content writing projects like article & blog writing, book writing, blue-penciling, proofreading, resume writing etc are in great demand.

So, if you have the confidence & the necessary abilities then it's the right time to launch yourself into the world of freelancing & excel in your professional arena besides earning a decent livelihood.

Udit Verma is freelance online service consultant and is writing review articles on online design, graphic challenges, freelancer web design, logo design projects and information on free lance projects.

How Do Freelancing Boards Facilitate Buyers and Providers? by Charles J William

Thanks to the internet, there is now a huge potential of freelancing work. Not only part time programmers, designers and writers can benefit from this but also people can make it a full time profession and can earn money from home by working in their own style. The best way to maintain a steady stream of work is to register with freelancing boards which provides a common portal to both Buyers and Providers. Below is the description of how these job portal works for both Providers and Buyers.

* A freelancing job board is a place where buyers frequently outsource their work or a chunk of their project which could be anything from a small scale work to a full time project. The basic concept of almost all the job boards is same with little modification of rules and payment methods. Here is the step wise procedure of how it works.

* Buyer will register with these freelancing job portals after accepting their terms and conditions.

* Buyer will post a job in a specific category with all the descriptions, attachments and requirement of the project.

* Buyer will specify the times lines until the bids on that particular project can be placed.

* Provider will register with these freelancing job portals after accepting their terms and conditions.

* Depending on the expertise of a provider, he will look for suitable jobs in his specific categories.

* Since it's a reverse auction style, provider after finding his suitable job will bid on that project.

With his bid, he will include the amount, duration and his proposal of "How the job will be performed".

* As soon as the bid is placed, Buyer will be notified that someone has placed a bid on his project.

* Among all the bidders, Buyer will select the most suitable bidder after evaluating the proposal, time duration and cost of the project.

* The selected bidder will be awarded the job and after he accepts it, the project will start and emails will be exchanged for further communication.

* If a project is big, then the milestones will be defined and payment will be released based on the completion of these milestones as agreed.

* To solve the payment issues, best way is to escrow the payment which saves both buyer and provider from any possible conflict and fraud.

* Complete payment will be released after the project has been completed up to the satisfaction of buyer.

* Both buyer and provider will be able to provide a feedback for each other which helps buyer in getting future project and provider in getting good freelancers for future project. This is the tool which is establishing your reputation as a freelancer.

Charles J William is the marketing manager at freelancing website - - It provides a platform where buyers and providers can meet. Projects are posted by users requiring work and freelance providers can bid offering their services. Its FREE to sign up and can provide substantial income for freelancers and quality skilled work for users.

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How to Freelance - 3 Critical Differences Freelancers and Employees Have

If you're thinking about going into freelancing, then this article may be of help to you. When you first start out with your own freelance business, you may find out some things that you are not used to and quite frankly different as if you were working for someone.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for and how to handle them.

First, you do not get a pay check every two weeks. In freelancing you are not getting a pay check every other Friday. You'll need to bill you're clients and wait 30 days or so for payment (if they pay by check).

However, if you are completing work for multiple clients, you could get multiple checks and get paid more frequently. That's one of the benefits about owning your own business, you can get more clients to make more money and get paid more frequently.

The next thing to think about is no one is around to give you work to do. You'll have to get it yourself. At first, you may find it odd that you don't have a boss around to give you work to do.

This becomes apparent right after you make the decision to go into freelancing. While not having a boss can be nice, you're only goal is to get clients so you can get the work.

Finally, you are expected to perform better than an employee. Yes you read that right. You are looked at in a different light with your clients. You are expected to get the work done better and faster than your client's employees. While it may sound intimidating, it really isn't. You'll get used to it and actually enjoy the role you take on.

So while you will experience some major differences between working on a job or being self employed, you'll eventually get used to them. Look at it this way. You had to adjust being an employee at some point in time. It's no different here. You may find you prefer to work this way.

Want to learn more? Click the following links to learn more freelancing tips and get my free report on how to start your own freelancing business. Click Here for the report.

Freelancing Mistakes to Be Avoided by Harry Baldev

Being a freelancer is the best thing that could ever happen to anybody bearing in mind the big bucks associated with working for multiple companies. True as that may sound, there are some contributing factors that can effectively make sure that you will not get to touch even the smallest of the so called big bucks simply because you let everything else fly out through the window as you salivated at the thought of you smiling all the way to the bank. Simply put, there are some mistakes that people make which hinder them from being quite the effective freelancers that they are supposed to be.

Taking a client for granted is one of the surest ways of digging your way into the grave simply because you are the one in need of money and not him. You should therefore strive to keep your client as much as possible through being the most reliable which is only achievable through prompt delivering of their work. This could also be achieved through delivering of a clients work before the expiry of the period. It may look like boot licking but this is the surest way of winning your clients trust as whenever new work comes by he will always keep you on it. Make sure that you can be easily reached through phone contacts and other forms of communication. Just be a friendly type of person and show interest in whatever it is they are doing.

Being the yes man all through will cost you considerably. This is the type of freelancer who never thinks before answering questions relating to work load and such related matters. It is the greatest letdown for you to nod to a clients request knowing very well that you are not in a position to deliver. You can imagine the damage you will have caused such a client. But worse still, you might find them having dedicated a whole site to some of the people with the worst services ever and your name could be top on the list.

Talking back about your clients on social sites will be the greatest blunders of all time that you can ever commit. You should have at the back of your mind the thought that clients always make outrageous decisions and as such, do not go badmouthing them on face book with your friends. They could be listening and that could be the end of your contract which means that the big bucks will have been lost.

Bring your best friend over into this small company that you have just started and that will be your own undoing. Friendship and business have always been strange bedfellows in the sense that there are those who will be guided by the monetary value part while you as the person who came up with the initial idea. Since a friend will never want to be associated with bad times, he will always ditch you when the times are tight.

Whether a freelance graphic designer, you want to find a Freelancer or Freelance writer editor, the above mentioned are just some of the many mistakes that freelancers do. But if you avoid them then you can rest assured that your business will flourish

5 Biggest Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Success in Freelancing by Foqrul Islam

Many freelancers seem to give up freelancing because of not getting desired success. It's really a disappointing thing that, many people around the world give up their regular 9 to 5 job and start freelancing from their home. So, why don't they get success although they try hard? However, as a newbie to the outsourcing world, you should aware of the 5 biggest mistakes. You would be glad to know that, in this article, I am going to tell you the biggest 5 reasons that ultimately put an end to your freelance career.

1. You Don't Complete Your Project Within The Given Time:
It's really disappointing that many freelancers don't complete their projects within the given time. However, you should know that, the person you work for is obviously looking for the work done by you within a certain time. Notwithstanding, this is the reason why freelancers don't get a good feedback score. On the other hand a great feedback score can lead you to be a successful freelancer as you don't have to fight with hundreds of providers for a job. A buyer will simply choose you for the interview if you have an appealing feedback score.

2. You Don't Take Your Jobs Seriously:
Many providers don't take freelancing jobs seriously. They think it's nothing more important than just passing some time on the internet. However, many freelancers just get fired because of this weird thing. Whatever the job is, concentrate on it and try to do it efficiently.

3. You Are Doing Too Many Jobs At a Time:
Nowadays, many freelancers seem to do a number of jobs at a time. Sadly, it always ends up with a negative result. Think for a while, (assume) you go to your office (9 to 5) and you are being assigned to do a number of tasks at a time, what would be the ultimate result? You won't be able to do a single task efficiently and perfectly. Don't take too many projects though you think you would complete those in time as you work from your home. Don't think of making huge amount of money at the very beginning. It takes some time.

4. You Are Too Busy To Communicate With Your Buyer:
After getting a job, some freelancers become so exited and boisterous that they often forget to communicate with their buyers. Most of the buyers want a weekly progress report. Sadly, many providers don't care much about that. You have to build a good relation with your buyer. You would be glad to know that, a good relation helps you get your hourly/ fixed price rate increased.

5. You Aren't Persistent and Continual:
The virtual world is very competitive and aggressive especially online marketplaces. The number of providers has been rapidly increasing and it's becoming more competitive day by day. However, many new providers seem to be unsatisfied about their jobs as they are being hired with a small amount of money. Nevertheless, you have to be persistent and assiduous towards your works. Although you don't get high-price jobs at the beginning, you will get your hiring price increased later upon having experiences. Be persistent as you won't be able to make a huge amount of money overnight. It takes some time.

Finally, I can say that, if you really want to succeed in freelancing, you should aware of these mistakes. However, mistakes do happen. Try to learn from your mistakes. Take your online jobs seriously, concentrate on your works and try to build a good relation with the buyer.

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