Monday, February 28, 2011

Sports Writing As a Career Job by Charles Nocis

Being a sports writer is a lucrative job for many people. Sports journalism is there in forms of many things. The media is teeming with sports channels. Be it the magazines, sports newspapers, news, dedicated sports channels, and in today's world, the traditional forms of old media is overtaken and supplemented by new media channels like websites and other forms of net based applications and software. For e.g., the there are groups dedicated to sports in Facebook where people can post their reviews and critiques. The sports writing scenario is the new career option in town. Annually, sports aficionados are boosted by ambition and dreams of success and competence to take up sports writing as their career tenure plan. In today's age of intense competition, you have to excel in everything to survive; therefore, in order to really make it out there, you have to be good in what you do. The question we ask ourselves is: so what does it take to take up sports writing as a job and career? Do you just need a good knowledge in English or a better knowledge in sports? If you are thinking about taking your sports knowledge and writing capabilities to the next level, but you are uncertain then there are a few pointers that can help you.

As said earlier, in today's age, you have to excel at what you do to make it big and in order to excel at being a sports writer, you have to be a passionate lover of sports. This fact has been tested proven by many writers and critics alike. Only through loving what you do can you truly give it your best to do the best. Having a general knowledge about sports is a must. Most sports writers may face difficulties in the beginning as they may be entitled to cover a story in which they have no idea about. In these kinds of situations, the sport writer must conduct extensive research and immerse himself in what he does. In order to cover a game, the final day is not the only day in your interest but every day till the finals as well. You must even attend the practice sessions to understand the game, the players, the chemistry and the focal points truly in depth. You must be capable of being critical and always open to possibilities of learning new things.

You may have the talent and motivation of passion, but if you truly want to reach the sky, building up your sources and contacts is the best way to take thing up a notch. In order to furnish people with interesting stories, you need to have the sources of the stories. The sources you build up must range from a wide variety. You need to have a different thread for each type of story. Thus to sum up, taking up a sports writing job is good as long as you excel and love what you do with the properly built contacts.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Technical Writing Career Training Opportunities

Students can enroll in a number of accredited vocational training programs in order to gain an education in technical writing. Professionals in this field are trained to translate technical and scientific languages into a simple language that people can understand. Students can work for a variety of companies once they have obtained an accredited degree in the field. Students have the opportunity to train for an exciting career in technical writing by enrolling in a bachelor's degree program.

Training can include obtaining a certificate or bachelors degree in technical writing. Students can choose to complete anywhere from six months to four years of educational training. With an accredited education in technical writing students can learn a number of skills needed to enter into the workforce.

Learn to write assembly instructions for various products.
Train in writing user manuals for electronics and more.
Gain knowledge in writing internet content for various websites.
Learn to write training manuals for employers and companies.
Train for careers producing reports for various companies.
Learn to write policies and procedures to be used by organizations.
With an education in this field students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to seek employment in a variety of areas. Accredited vocational schools allow students to train for the career they desire.

Coursework will vary by program, desired career area, and vocational school of attendance. Students can study a variety of subjects that relate to technical writing including subjects of study such as:

Print Production
Web Site Design
Content Management
Computer Programming
Scientific Writing
Technical Communication
...and many other related courses. Depending on the level of education and career desired studies can also include:
Web Site Publishing
Technical Editing
Scientific Communication
Visual Media
User Interface Lay-Out
...and much more. Students who choose to train in this field will gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter into their desired career in technical writing.
Career training will allow students to pursue a variety of positions with a number of companies. Accredited training can provide students with the opportunity to enter into careers working with:

Book Publishers
...and much more. Students who earn a certificate or degree in this field can seek out employment in:

...and many other areas. Accredited vocational schools prepare students for entrance into the career of their dreams in technical writing.

By enrolling in an accredited technical training program students can gain the training needed to pursue the career of their dreams. Accrediting agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( are approved to fully accredit qualifying vocational training programs. Students can learn more about the education of their choice by requesting more information about available programs. Start the path to an exciting career by enrolling in a technical writing program today.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Begin a Career in Freelance Writing by Contel Bradford

While freelancing is not a new market by any means, it has grown immensely due in large part to the popularity of the internet. Thanks to its partner in crime the web, the internet is able to offer golden opportunities for writers, photographers, designers, and just about anyone with the desire to indulge in freelancing from the comfort of their own home. Since writing is the focus here, this article will explain what you need to do in order to begin a career as a freelance writer.

Create Your Portfolio

No matter how skilled you are as a writer, few clients will feel comfortable hiring you without some credentials to back you up. Don't worry, acquiring the credentials you need for potential clients to take you serious is as simple as building a good portfolio. Write up a few good articles, and publish them on free content sites such as Yahoo's Associated Content, Helium, and Hub Pages. Not only are these sites great for building a portfolio, but they also receive a lot of traffic, which could draw more eyes to your work, and possibly attract some clients as well.

Start Looking for Writing Gigs

Once you have a good portfolio, it is time to go out and find yourself some freelance writing gigs. This part can be a bit intimating at first, but trust me, it is much easier than you think. So where do you go to look for gigs? Your friendly search engine of course. Remember, this is the internet - the virtual land of opportunity. A simple search for "freelance writing jobs" will yield tons of relevant results that can point you in the direction of your first gig. The most important aspect of the job seeking process is your application. In order to beat out the dozens to hundreds of potential candidates, you must be clear and concise on why you are the man (or woman) for the job.

Build Your Website

Although a portfolio on the aforementioned content publishing sites is enough to get you started, you will eventually need your own website to make an impact as a freelance writer. Trust me, this is for the best. Having your own site makes you look more credible, professional, and will cause potential clients to take you more seriously. More than likely, you will need a web hosting service provider to deliver all the tools and technology to actually create your site. This is another process in itself, but for now, I recommend going with either HostGator or LunarPages. These are two dependable companies that will take care of you and provide everything you need to create a professional website for your new freelance business.

Good Luck!

You need the skill as a writer of course, but with that intact, this is all it takes to start a career in freelancing writing. The internet and its infinite resources makes it a heck of a lot easier than in past times. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, and start building your freelance writing business!

Contel Bradford is a seasoned freelance writer, journalist, and author of multiple books, including The iPod & iTunes Handbook. Though he specializes in numerous areas, Contel truly excels in the field of technology, well versed in topics that range from cloud computing and virtualization to email marketing and digital advertising.

During his tenor, he has produced content for some of the top internet brands in their respective fields. Some of his clients include Associated Content From Yahoo!, Benchmark Email, and Digital Media Buzz to name a few.

To learn more about Contel's professional services, please visit his website at

Are You Sabotaging Your Writing Career Goals? by Sharon Hurley Hall

It's often easier to state your planned goals for your freelance writing career than to actually achieve them. Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about results that we forget to actually do something. You may have set yourself the goal of earning more money from freelance writing this year, but how many of the things you do with your time actually help you achieve those goals? Are you bogged down in the day to day activities you need to earn a living, while the activities that will help you meet longer term goals go undone?

Many people look for balance in their lives and what that means may be different for everyone. For writers, it may mean having time for themselves, their children and their family, having well paid writing work and having enough spare time to work on those pet writing projects that don't actually pay the bills - not yet, anyway. So how do you get to a point where you achieve what you want and stop sabotaging yourself?

First of all, be clear about what those goals are. You're the only one who knows what balance looks like for you and what your dream future will be. Dream big - and who knows what you will achieve?

Next, think about how to make these goals a reality. For many writers, it might mean carving out some time once a week to work on those pet projects. For others, it might be a question of having time to think and plan - time when you are not working on something else. For still others, it might mean setting aside time to chase higher paying work. Only you will know what you can do.

Once you make your decision, break each of these goals into little steps that you can achieve and set aside some time to do them. For example, you might commit to sending an extra query every day for a job that pays double your standard rate. You don't have to go for all the goals at once. It's probably less stressful to try to achieve balance gradually.

Finally, be positive about what you can achieve. Think back to when you started your writing career. Haven't you come a long way since then? We all progress, though sometimes we forget to take note of it, so in another year, you'll have achieved some of your goals and will be working on the next ones.

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