Sunday, March 30, 2008

Find More Than 777 Icons offers literally hundreds of icons that depict various objects and concepts, drawn in different styles and grouped in numerous themes.

Need an icon to represent an action on a newly designed wizard? A new logotype for your site or software? A few toolbar buttons? Whatever you need for your Web site and software graphics, you've got it! packs a variety of sizes and formats with each icon you purchase, allowing you to use an icon as a bright logo, an illustration to a particular action of a wizard, as a part of a Web site navigation or application toolbar.

Save time on crafting or outsourcing icon design to freelance artists! Ready-made icons are available right here, right now. Each theme collection offered at is a matching set of icons that work perfectly well when used together. Matching color palettes, visual styles and drawing concepts allow you to choose a perfect style for your new site or software product. Want that modern hi-tech look that everyone is after? It's here, in the Hi-Tech section! Prefer a classic concept? The Classic icons are readily available. Want cartoon-like icons for a new game or entertainment application? The Cartoon icons are here as well, ready to enhance your new creations.

The professional style is what makes great products stand out of the crowd, but not everyone can afford to spend the time and money specifying hundreds of custom-made pieces of graphics. Just go to and browse the collections of icons to discover one that matches your style, and enhance your project with professionally designed graphics.