Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wealth In Writing by Donald Whitehead

Did you know that the biggest selling product on the internet happens to be information products and has been since almost the beginning of the internets debut. A computer happens to be a very, very powerful tool and most people probably aren't even aware of this fact. A computer is a word processor capable of writing any and everything that you can think of to write about, and a desktop publishing system that can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams and famous too. You can literally get a flood of cash pouring into your home office from your writing. Your computer can be turned onto autopilot flying high off the ground into cyberspace, and The computer desktop publishing system can make it all possible.

Truth is many writers today are now making big money writing with no more experience than you have right now. All you have to do is take hot selling articles and write a chapter at a time and turn them into short e-books of 20, 50 or a 100 pages. People do it everyday and these e-books sell like crazy on the world wide web. Remember that the hottest selling products on the internet is information, now, today. People around the world want to know "how to do things" and they buy millions of "How To Do It Books." Actually one person can do what once took typesetters, writers, proof readers, printers, engravers, book binders and sales people to do and do it in less than half of the time.

The biggest thing is to just "GET STARTED." That's right, just do it. You will make mistakes along the way, but that's part of learning. Do the research, ask writers questions to find out what they did to become successful. read constantly and study how other writers write. Take from what you learn and write and hone your writing skills. Most importantly don't give up. Remember people do this everyday and with great success. You may think that there is a secret and you are right. The secret is to write, write and write, that's it.

It really doesn't matter what you write about just as long as it is something of value, and by that I mean that the information being provided MUST BE WORTHY in that it serves a means to the reader, or solves a problem, or provides an avenue towards a solution. The information must offer the reader some type of value and the more value that what you have written holds the better chance of your e-book or any book have of getting world wide notoriety possibly beyond your own wildest imagination. Do some research and see what's a hot topic, research the topic, then just go to work writing the first chapter then the second chapter and so on until you have 12 or 15 chapters, put it all together as an e-book and start promoting it with press releases etc.

You can write poetry, stories, autobiographies, how to, business information or information products there is a huge world wide market on the internet. Millions of dollars are spent for books and almost every one buys books to learn how to live in todays complicated world among other things. There are many ways to come up with book ideas. Talking with friends is one way, or take college courses, read books,subscribe to newsletters, learn about book writing, publishing from research on the web, there is literally no end to the possibilities. You can even go to the public domains and find old out dated material and refurbish it and put a spin on it. People do it all the time. The material is free and it won't cost you anything in most cases.

One last word of encouragement is, that the more of yourself that you put in your writing the more you will reap. Sow a good seed and the harvest that you will reap will be enormous. Plant deep, meaning to advertise it in every possible way and place.

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