Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Art Can Help You Age Better

Ageless Lifestyles Radio host, Dr. Michael Brickey interviewed Amy Gorman on how art can help you age better. When sculptress and art educator Amy Gorman hit a block in her art, she decided to seek the wisdom of artists in the nineties and hundreds. She interviewed a wide variety of older women artists and profiles twelve in her book, Aging Artfully and the documentary film about the artists titled Still Kicking.

Ms Gorman says: "It is great to be in their presence. The women I interviewed do not think about the negative very long. They can shed stress. They don't focus on the negative. They move on. They're busy all day. They're living right here, in the here and now, and they want to live that way. They don't ruminate about past ambivalences or conflicts. They've passed that. want to do their art every day. They're quite disciplined people in their own way. They have schedules. They have a lot to do. And their art is part of their lives - very, very definitely - and it's part of their regular schedule. They've also got a sense of humor, every one of them."

Ms Gorman defines art very broadly including visual arts, music, dance, theater, and storytelling. She describes practical ways people at every age can become more involved in the arts and how older people's brains may actually be better at some of the integration that fosters art.

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